Microsoft Nvidia graphics adapter update advice, please

  Housten 15:14 22 Apr 2013

Good Afternoon, Everyone

I am in need of some advice. Most of you will not remember that sometime ago I had a bit of a torrid time with an NVIDIA update. Well I have been having some problems lately and hadn’t bothered doing a Windows update for over three weeks, until this morning. There were some 10 ‘Important’ updates, and I installed 9 of them. The 10th was listed as ‘nVidia – Graphics Adapter WDDM1.1, Other hardware – NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT 227.3 MB’. There is one small and one large problem I have with this update. The small one is more a puzzle than a problem!! Does anyone know why Microsoft are including nVidia updates within their own updates? I do not ever recall seeing this before! Probably more of a memory problem of mine than anything else, but still disconcerting!

The big problem I have is I do not know whether this ‘update’ is worth it! As I said I had ‘problems’ with a previous Nvidia update and I have no wish to repeat that experience. So what I would really like to know is whether this update is worth taking on, and what does it do? My computer states that my current driver version is ‘270.61’, but it is noticeable that there is NOT a driver version number within this upgrade and this is really confusing me. So if someone were able to tell an ignorant pensioner like me what this does, and whether as a result it is worth installing it I would be very grateful.

Many thanks in advance.

  onthelimit1 15:20 22 Apr 2013

It's a huge update at 227Mb! I have seen software updates included with Windows ones before - reinstalled W7 on a Dell laptop, and the first bunch of updates included on for the Broadcomm Wireless adaptor. Can you go to the Nvidia site and see what their latest is for your graphics card?

Personally, if yours is working OK, I'd leave it like that!

  Nontek 15:23 22 Apr 2013

Personally, if yours is working OK, I'd leave it like that!

I Second that!

  Housten 16:18 22 Apr 2013

onthelimit1 and Nontek,


Good afternoon,

And thank you both for your very fast replies. After the last trouble I had I had thought that I would adopt an attitude of 'it if it ain't broke, don't fix it'!! But seeing the update is in Microsoft's list of updates is what confused me. I followed your suggestion, onthelimit1, and went to NVidia's web site. Being a thick pensioner I could not find any updates for a GeForce 7600 GT card, or, more likely, it was somewhere I didn't think to look! Whatever!! What I did do - and probably stupidly - is I signed up to be sent notification of updates for my card and I will wait to see a) if anything comes through and b) I will ask again whether that update is worth the trouble. One thing I did note was that they seemed to say that there was an update for my card, but then singularly failed to list the 7600 GT and the download was 218 MB!! Without meaning to be rude to either of you two gentlemen, does anyone know what a 'WDDM1.1' is and why this update doesn't have a driver version number?

Many thanks for all your help.

  john bunyan 17:14 22 Apr 2013

I share your concerns to some extent. I have anVidia 7800GTX. I believe WDDM1, at least part of it is Windows Display Driver. Have a look here:


Having seen your oyjer thread only recently, I tried, via the Nvidia control panel, to update my driver, but got a message: "The application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way"

As it is working ok I decided to leave it, but , maybe coincidentally , I have been getting ntfs Errors in eventvwr, and some Nvidia bases "errors". As all is working I am loathe to uninstall and reinstall. Also when I tried to download the latest drivers from NVidia, it requested an update to my Java, which was already up to date and my anti malware warned me off, so I am interested in an answer also.

  john bunyan 17:55 22 Apr 2013

I have now found another suggestion from another forum, which seems to work, although this time when I tried to up date it said "Try later".

Start Services.msc;Scroll down to "NVIDIA Update Service Daemon;Right click, select Properties; Click the Log on Tab; Click the Log on as "Local System Account button on"; Click OK; Right Click the "NVIDIA update Service Daemon" and click Start; It should then start and stop. Then reboot.I think this solves the expired password issue....?? It seems to have stopped the eventvwr error.

  onthelimit1 18:39 22 Apr 2013

Housten - can you scan your PC from here and see what Nvidia say.

  onthelimit1 18:39 22 Apr 2013

PS - it's option 2

  Nontek 18:55 22 Apr 2013

I have always said, that one should only update nVidia graphics if one is already having display problems - otherwise, if it aint broke, don't fix it.

  martd7 19:11 22 Apr 2013


microsoft have been including graphics card updates for some time now, Personally i would download the driver from the nvidia site not through windows updates,i have looked at your card on nvidia site and it is a large download,if your pc is operating correctly i would definitely leave it alone As you can see you can let nvidia automatically detect the driver for you or manually look for it from the dropdown box labelled manual search

  Housten 14:54 23 Apr 2013

Good Afternoon, Everyone,

john bunyan,

I looked at your 'Forum' and the replies seemed almost as confused as I was!


Well trying was interesting! as you suggested I went for option 2. I got a barber's pole going fro9m right to left, but in green and black. After more than a minute it stopped and stated "Unfortunately we cannot provide results at this time. Please try again later". So I tried again, same result. Tried the manual way and it gave me - virtually instantaneously - the same results as I was getting yesterday : Version 307.83 WHQL Release Date 2013.2.25 Operating System Windows Vista 64BIT Windows 7 64BITLanguage English File Size 176 MB. However it goes on to list 2 GeForce cards the GTX680 and the GTX 560 with no mention of any 7 series at all.


I tried your link and went for the automatic detection, but it failed. So I went for the manual, used GeForce 7 Series and it came up with 307.83 again! BUT file size was now 218.37 MB!! Curiouser and curiouser!

Also I forgot to mention that in one link they wanted me to install the latest Java update. I declined. As I said in my second post, and confirmed elsewhere I am going to stick with my thought "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".

So many thanks to everyone who has posted, but I think I will leave things just as they are displayed at present!

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