microsoft numbers order

  cybercat31uk 09:25 11 Jan 2003
  cybercat31uk 09:25 11 Jan 2003

i have windows ME and u know if you create lots of files ie.

all is fine until u get to
then u go to save
12.wave etc

and it puts it below number 1.wav in the directory (if u have your view set alphetical order)

i was wondering if there is any way to get files sorted in real number order?

(i know u can name them differently to get them into exact order) - just wondered if someone out there has some kind of software that makes life simple - why hasnt microsoft thort of this or have they and i just dont know how to change my settings?

  leo49 09:42 11 Jan 2003

Get into the habit of naming files correctly [001,002,etc]and there are many freeware progs available to take the chore out of renaming existing mislabelled files,eg "The Rename","Rename-All" and several more here:

click here


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