microsoft - new security pack????

  [DELETED] 12:29 06 Sep 2003

Does anyone else get this sent to them via email from microsoft..
new security pack to install got 2 email yesterday both with diffrent viruses ie
And upto now I have had 9 emails from them all with virus attached,can any one give me some pointer on what to do...or have there customer servis email address???

much appreciated for some help on this

  Stuartli 12:34 06 Sep 2003

Microsoft does not sent out e-mails on an ad hoc basis - you have to subscribe to its service.

You have clearly received one of the trick [email protected] e-mails that were prevalent a few weeks ago.

If you visit the website and key in the name of your virus you will find instructions on how to remove it safely.

Also it would appear that your AV is not being updated regularly.....:-)

  bremner 12:36 06 Sep 2003

These are not coming from Microsoft they are spoof addresses as this taken from the Symantec Site states

"From: Spoofed address (which means that the sender in the "From" field is most likely not the real sender). The worm may also use the address, [email protected], as the sender.

The spoofed addresses and the Send To addresses are both taken from the files found on the computer. Also, the worm may use the settings of the infected computer's settings to check for an SMTP server to contact.
The choice of the domain appears to be arbitrary and does not have any connection to the actual domain or its parent company."

  [DELETED] 13:07 06 Sep 2003

microsoft -new security pack.
my thanks too you both
stuartli & bremner for there reply, My AV is total upto date and have no need of removal tool.
I just wanted to know were it was coming from.

much appreciated guys

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