Microsoft Net. Framework Update 20th May 2012

  clock 12:06 22 May 2012

According to my update history at Microsoft Home, I have now downloaded and installed the 3 latest Net Framework security updates 3 times and each time I closedown my computer it trys to install them again!! However when I look at Control Panel - Add or Remove Programms, I cannot find the latest updates in the list?

Can anyone enlighten me as to why they appear not to have been installed?


  Chris the Ancient 12:18 22 May 2012

Not that it provides an answer...

But I am having exactly the same problem - so it's not just you!

  clock 12:23 22 May 2012

Many thanks Chris the Ancient! Feel much better to know it's not just me! Let's hope someone out there can provide an answer!


  Peter 14:00 22 May 2012

Same thing here Clock.

I've installed using Microsoft Update & Windows Update on a XP machine and the process just keeps wanting to install and nothing shows as installed in Add & Remove Programs in the Control Panel.


  mimosa418 14:17 22 May 2012

here is the most likely answer to your problems. Link Unfortunately the solution involves a bit of work.

  cocteau48 15:27 22 May 2012

Another .NET Framework mess from the House of Microsoft and you are certainly not alone.enter link description here

I have gone through the uninstall/reinstall all .NET Framework releases on a previous occassion when this same scenario happened some time ago and it is a very time consuming exercise (1 to 2 hours) so not to be dived into lightly.

It would also appear that these are NOT new updates. Googling for them highlights people having similar problems back in March 2012 for the same KB numbers,although they do not appear in my update history in March.

While I wait for MS to sort this out I have opted just to hide them by choosing custom update,expanding the update details, and ticking the box marked "do not show this update again" - especially as my update history does say that they have already been successfully installed.

  johndrew 15:44 22 May 2012

I have been this route with Net Framework on a couple of occasions now. My experience is that it is necessary to completely uninstall and reinstall from scratch to resolve it.

You may find these links helpful:

Removal/Cleanup Tool

.Net Framework 3.5 Package or the direct link.

.Net Framework 3.5 Family Update

Beware, some downloads are huge and take a long time, but when you have them, you can at least save them for future problems.

  frybluff 16:10 22 May 2012

Had similar issues, with Windows Update doing a whole series of them, together, on auto. My system crashed, and I had to restore back to prior to the updates.

I went into W/U, check for updates, and then de-selected them all. Then installed them manually, one at a time, re-booting after each. I did that, mainly, to try to indentify which was "an issue", but all went through, fine, like that, and touch wood, all now seems OK.

  clock 08:40 23 May 2012

Thanks everyone for replies, have read them all and other threads on same subject! Will leave things as they are and hope Microsoft sorts it out all out!

Have to say it's very reassuring to post a message on this site and find out that "you are not alone"!!!!!!


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