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Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 & 4.7 not installin

  Joe G 12:08 04 Sep 2017

The above updates have repeatedly failed to install on my Win 7 64 bit PC. Do I need these and if so is there a way of persuading them to install? At first I though it was because of limited disk space but I have freed up space and they will still not install

Thanks for any help

  beeuuem~2 20:12 04 Sep 2017

I have run into this problem in the past. There is a repair tool for this error from click here the tool and try the updates again.


  Joe G 23:50 04 Sep 2017

Thanks for this. I tried that download. It went through one process and I tried updating again to no avail. It then tried to repair 4.5.1 and said it couldn't and posted some log files off to MS! Then it offered me no further options! Could I safely as Windows to ignore these updates as it is a bit of a pain when closing down the PC to have to wait for it to try to install them every time?! Thanks again for the help so far

  beeuuem~2 15:43 05 Sep 2017

My sympathies ! I've had the same problem more than once and as there is a tool to help presumably it affects more than just you and me. I'm sorry to hear that it didn't work for you. From memory I've gone so far as to remove and reinstall the Net framework in the past, which seems a bit ridiculous just to install an update. Although my preference is to install them if possible, you could tell Windows to ignore these updates.

click here says the updates are not security related

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