Microsoft .NET Framework

  FEEBS 14:23 28 Jun 2011

I have been looking at what is on my HDD to see if I can reclaim any space and found the following Microsoft .NET framework 1.1 Microsoft .NET framework 2 Service Pack 2 Microsoft .NET framework 3 Service Pack 2 Microsoft .NET framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 Do I really need all these or can I delete any of them? (I don't even know what they are) I'm running Win XP SP3 Cheers Feebs

  mimosa418 15:36 28 Jun 2011

Net Framework in its various versions is required by some of your software to operate properly. It is unlikely that you can dispense with any of it unless you no longer use the software that requires it. Perhaps some trial and error may find what you could dispose of but beware uninstalling and reinstalling Net Framework versions can lead to problems with Windows Update. Best to leave well alone.

  Crosstrainer2 15:46 28 Jun 2011

I concur, you need these files. Best look elsewhere if you need to save or reclaim space. Adding an external USB hard drive is a pretty cheap option these day's some examples:

link text

1: External Hard Drives

  cocteau48 15:49 28 Jun 2011

Please leave well alone and do not be tempted to remove earlier versions. .NET Framework installations are cumulative and later versions rely on the presence of earlier versions to install and work.

  FEEBS 15:51 28 Jun 2011

Many thanks guys for your responses, I guess I'll leave things as they are. I do use an external HDD but I reckoned if I deleted some of the unused stuff on my int HD then it might run faster. Ho-hum! Kind regards Feebs

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