Microsoft Net Framework

  prince midas 09:59 18 Jul 2006

I downloaded the latest versions today of microsoft updates.

Everyone installed okat apart from the update to Microsoft Net Framework 2 version update KB917283
which refused to install.

On checking in control panel I found I had a copy of Microsoft Net Framework 1 & 2 copies of Microsoft Net Framework 2.

I finally uninstalled both copies of Microft Net Framework 2 leaving Microsoft Net Framework 1.

On rechechecking the Microsoft Updates said I was up to date.

My question is do I need Microsoft Net Framework 2 as everything appears to be working Fine.

  Jackcoms 10:04 18 Jul 2006

Yes, it's the latest version click here for a fix to this well-documented problem

  Diversion 10:09 18 Jul 2006

You have to install "dotnetfx" (Netframework 2) from Microsoft before you can install the updates. But there are a few "dotnetfx" files make sure you choose the Netframework 2 packege.

  prince midas 10:25 18 Jul 2006

Thanks guys but just 2 questions.

What does Network 2 do that Network 1 cannot do.

When I update with only Network 1 installed it does not offer me the option to download Network 2 which I uninstalled & because I have not got a copy of Network 2 I cannot reinstall it.

I am told that my updates are up to date. Comments please.

  Diversion 10:39 18 Jul 2006

Certain programs require network 2 to run, and usually these programs direct you straight to the installation site at Microsoft.

  Stuartli 10:45 18 Jul 2006

.NET Framework 2.0 installs over 1.1 (plus the 1.1 Hotfix) and you then install the current security update for version 2.0.

  prince midas 17:42 25 Jul 2006

I installed DotnetFx & it reinstalled NetFramework 2.

I then updated using Microsoft & everything seemed okay.

When I now run Norton Diskdoctor it says I have 10 errors all related to netframework.

For example it says it cannot access 10 files because it cannot find file MSVCR80.DLL

When I ask Norton to repair the errors it says it cannot find a solution because the files are either on a Network, on an NTFS disk which it actually is on or an invisible drive.

I even copied the file to the NetFramework folder but Norton still cannot access this file.

Is this important or not as everything seems to be working.

  thms 17:50 25 Jul 2006

This is a known problem with Norton and network 2.
It does it on mine as well. I have set norton to ignore these files.

  thms 17:55 25 Jul 2006
  prince midas 17:57 25 Jul 2006

Thanks THMS but how do I set DiskDoctor to ignore these files bearing in mind I have no other Norton products installed.

  prince midas 18:00 25 Jul 2006

Just got your 2nd reply. Thanks again Midas.

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