Microsoft .NET Framework

  VCR97 19:16 07 Nov 2004

Am I correct in thinking that this is a programming tool and that I can safely ignore the umpteen MB SP3 update which is being offered by Windows Update?

  rawprawn 19:39 07 Nov 2004

In my opinion, yes unless you want to load I think it's called

  rawprawn 19:41 07 Nov 2004

Sorry I hit the wrong button, I think it is called something like Windows Parner Package which I found no real use for.

  VCR97 19:51 08 Nov 2004

Thanks rawprawn. I poked around and found some associated wizards which are inappropriate to my use of computers. I will ignore the update.

  powerless 19:57 08 Nov 2004

Some applications need this to function so keep that in mind if you ever come across an app that needs the framework.

  Bandy 20:08 08 Nov 2004

I've noticed more printer applications beeding this feature recently

  VCR97 19:01 13 Nov 2004

Thanks for the additional comments. Duly noted.

  PSF 19:05 13 Nov 2004

If you you use an ATI graphics card you will need to have .net installed for the new control panel to work click here

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