Microsoft Natural KB - Fried Membrane?

  Jon Whittle 20:42 13 May 2017

Hi - I recently accidentally sprayed some coke (the drinking stuff!) onto part of my MS keyboard. Result = A completely random deluge of characters output, just by pressing 1 key. All other keys do similar It is a USB board, and I think I might have fried one of the connecting electronic membranes - Will try to attach a pic / link for anyone who might be able to advise on this. Thanks click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:56 14 May 2017

the sugar in the coke will be shorting things out. You could possibly be lucky and cure it by taking it apart and cleaning and allowing to fully dry out before reconnecting.

  Jon Whittle 11:03 14 May 2017

Sorry for some reason the link has gone down - So please have a look at the pics -,Seem to show what I would call "burnt out tracks" but I am sure that there's a proper electronics term for it!

click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:42 14 May 2017

Yes they certainly look "burnt out".

The coke has shorted something and the tracks have drawn too much current. even replacing the membrane may just mean the board is badly damaged and shorts the new one. Probably time to cut your losses and get a new keyboard.

Coke and computers don't mix

  Jon Whittle 14:31 14 May 2017

Thanks for that - Just confirmed what I was thinking - Found a reasonable price for the MS Ergonomic 4000, so after double checking the fault I will be buying my 1st keyboard for about 20 years!

  alanrwood 17:09 14 May 2017

The pictures show to me when enlarged that the brown stains are the remnants of the spilled coke which has dried out. This would short out the tracks, You can't lose anything by washing it carefully to remove the deposit. Be sure to use clean water and be sure to leave it to dry naturally before reassembly.

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