Microsoft Money /XP

  cherie 10:08 19 Aug 2003

I've treated myself to a new XP computer and I've been trying to copy my files from my old computer. Trouble is, I can't get it Money to load onto the XP. Any suggestions, please?

  alcudia 10:19 19 Aug 2003

Do you mean you cannot install it, or copy your backed up data after installation. How old is your version of Money?
Money seems to have no problems inputing Quicken files, but when it comes to its own files from previous versions there are problems, as admited by Microsoft.

  cherie 10:27 19 Aug 2003

Thanks for the interest, alcudia.
All I did was burn a copy of the Money folder, including setup etc.,and then tried to install that. Shoul I go about it in another way?

  alcudia 10:54 19 Aug 2003

Yes you should, just copying the files will not work. You must run setup from the installation CD. Unless the files you copied were the contents of the original CD. Then run setup from the location you copied to. If this is what you have done there is no reason why it should not work, unless Microsoft include some sort of provision on the CD to prevent this. You will probably also need the installation key. Do you not have the CD for the program?

  cherie 10:59 19 Aug 2003

No, I installed it many years ago and I'm not sure if I can find the CD.(It's version 5).
Thanks for the advice anyway. The CD may turn up. In the meantime, at least I still have the data that I can transfer if I do find the CD!!

  alcudia 11:04 19 Aug 2003

Version 5 was, I think, Money 95 (or96) and would probably not work on XP anyway. Why not buy a new copy of Money 2003. It's cheap enough. But beware of what I said in my first posting. There are know issues when trying to import Money files from earlier versions. You may have to re-enter the data that you need.

  cherie 18:12 19 Aug 2003

Just thought I'd let you know that I've managed to load my old 'Money' files!!
I found the CD.....It was Version5 but was '97.
Thanks again.

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