Microsoft Money Lost on Vista Laptop

  valbv 19:41 27 May 2010

I have recently had to restore my laptop to factory settings. It uses Windows Vista Home Premium. However I cannot find the Microsoft Money program anymore. I also note the start folder under all programs is empty. I do have a backup disk supplied with the laptop and I have had a look at its contents page but cannot see any reference to programs. (I believe that Microsoft no longer supports this program). Is there any way I can restore the program? I have looked in my restore options but it only covers the windows updates made yesterday (more than 100 of them) The laptop was purchased in 2007.

  lotvic 00:14 28 May 2010

Money has been discontinued click here
""So as we approach the end of June 2010 and thus the end of the supported life cycle for Money, Microsoft has provided an option for anyone who still has Money files that will allow them to be accessed.

The Microsoft Plus Deluxe Sunset file does not require any activation in order to be installed and run but it does have limitations. There is no online banking or other online services such as stock quotes available in this sunset version.

I guess you could still use it to track your banking but everything would have to be imported manually from your bank and financial service. In the long run it is a good deal to be able to access your data in the future should you ever have to reinstall Money on a PC.""

you can get Microsoft Money, Sunset Edition for free click here

Microsoft Downloads click here

  gel 07:20 28 May 2010

I use 'money 2002' and have the original disc.

I have used this programme on 2 computers since 2002.

Without support from Microsoft will I lose the ability of 'shares update on line?


  lotvic 13:04 28 May 2010

Don't know, have a look in the menu on left of microsoft money page click here

  twitcher 20:27 28 May 2010

Thanks for the advice on MS Money Sunset Edition, downloaded it, transferred my Quicken files (from Quicken 2002 editon) and it seems to works OK. Hopefully this edition of Money will be more stable on Windows 7 than Quicken - fingers crossed!!

  valbv 23:03 28 May 2010

Hi Lotvic
Many thanks for your response. I have managed to download and install Microsoft Money Sunset Edition. Hoever I cannot get it to open a backup file stored on another disk. It offers to restore files and searches for them. When I select my last backup it states it cannot restore as it as created in another money program. My backup file is .mbf created in Windows XP. hae you any idea where I may be going wrong?

  valbv 23:28 28 May 2010

To Lotvic
I should mention that I have also tried backups created in Vista with no success.

  lotvic 00:53 29 May 2010

No, sorry, have you tried the Sunset Online Help feature.

  lotvic 13:47 29 May 2010

It might be because Sunset is US version and not UK.

Do you know what year your original Money UK version prog was? (ie money 2005)

Also what is the make and model of your laptop and were there any options in the 'Factory Restore' for programs, these are sometimes listed separately in the Restore process.

  valbv 17:14 29 May 2010

Hi Lotvic.
I think I've got around the problem. The 'sunset' program opens to allow a fresh start. I was using Money 2005 running in Windows XP on my deasktop until April from which I could extract the accounts summary. As this was only about one month old it was enough for me to create a new list in 'Sunset' and update their balances long hand. The 'Sunset' program seems identical and the fact it cannot download updates/statements etc. is not the end of the world. Most Banks have already withdrawn support for Microsoft Money anyway. I might download a copy of the 'Sunset' program to a CD disk just in case, until someone produces a program that is similar and as easy to use. Many thanks for your help, it is much appreciated.

  lotvic 18:05 29 May 2010

That's good news:) Thanks for letting us know.
Wise move downloading Sunset prog and then burning to CD for future use in case of needing a reinstall or to put on another pc.

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