Microsoft Message - counterfeit XP

  Storic12 16:44 12 Jan 2013

Some two or three years ago, I bought three copies of XP Professional, each with license key. Each was put on a member of family's computer. These have run without problems since installing them. My son has just phoned to say that on boot up today, he is now getting a message from Microsoft to say that he is using a conterfeit copy of windows, that a company has reported as stolen. Apparently, he has been informed that the only way to rectify this, is to buy a geniune copy of Windows 8 at a price of around £175. This seems to be some kind of scam, especially as his virus protection has now been removed. Is this a scam?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:48 12 Jan 2013

If the message is by email then yes its a scam - ignore it.

If its a message at boot up and its stopping the machine from running then perhaps he needs to phone MS and reactivate.

Sometime Windows Genuine Ad goes wrong my new Medion was once reported as non genuine but was easily sorted.

  SillBill 16:54 12 Jan 2013

Windows 8 sells for about £50 not £175 anyway, are they pointing him to a site to buy this "Genuine Windows 8"?

  Storic12 16:58 12 Jan 2013

Thanks Fruit Bat /\0/. The same thing happened to me with XP professional some 18 months ago, and yes I had to reactivate it. Trouble is I'm some 35 miles away and am trying to relay everything by phone. Will suggest he phones Microft helpline as there is no way of reactivation on the message page he is getting. Thanks again. :-)

  bumpkin 17:07 12 Jan 2013

XP pro I have had this before just phone them and enter your license key it is all automated so easy to do. The screen message should give you the phone number.

  Nontek 17:09 12 Jan 2013

Storic if you both install Teamviewer on respective PCs, you can give direct help. I use it often to help a particular friend who lives over 200miles away.

download Teamviewer Free

  Nontek 17:10 12 Jan 2013

PS, while I am working on my friends' PC using Teamviewer, we are in voice contact using Skype.

  Storic12 18:03 12 Jan 2013

Thanks to all for your replies. :-)

Update: The help line I phoned was hopeless, never mind helpless. They have only pointed me to 0844-800-2400 (Tech help) at 5p a minute, Monday to Fridays. My son is adament that that the website he is pointed to is "" and that he will be charged £150.00 for Windows 8 as a replacement for his "counterfeit copy of Windows XP professional". Re-installing from the CD he has, only results in a screen coming up that denounces his O/S not only as "counterfeit", but also as "stolen". I should reiterate that he has been using this without problems for three years. Neither Skype, or Teamviewer is installed on either machine. Any ideas would be gratefully received. :-)

  SillBill 18:16 12 Jan 2013

Is thi link > any help?

  onthelimit1 18:17 12 Jan 2013

For phone activation, Google came up with these numbers:

Automated activation in UK

  SillBill 18:18 12 Jan 2013

Broken link : copy and paste from http to _master

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