Microsoft Media player for pocket pc

  Ken22 23:03 01 Aug 2004

I don't know if it is me, I have been trying to download windows media player for a pocket pc but don't seem to be able to get the correct link can anyone help

  terryr48 23:31 01 Aug 2004

Try here click here

  Ken22 23:50 01 Aug 2004

I have tried to download wmp 7.1 from your suggested link, I tried to install came back with an error " The connected device is not supported with this version of media player"
any other thoughts / links

  terryr48 00:04 02 Aug 2004

You could try looking on the microsoft mobile site click here there may be some advice here.

  terryr48 00:07 02 Aug 2004

I have found you can download version9 from here
click here

  Ken22 23:48 02 Aug 2004

Again thanks for all your help, however I followed the link and tried to down load WMP 9 from this page, did not have any success. Which link do you go to?? I followed the one for media player 9. All I got was a copy of the version I have on my desk top.
Ken 22

  terryr48 00:39 03 Aug 2004

I have just been on microsoft uk home page trawled through to uk windows mobile pocket pc about the software -take the tour page 9 of 11 brings you to windows media player series 9 for pocket pc, but if you click on the link-learn more about wmp series 9 for pocket pc you come to the one for the desktop.I reckon your best bet is to e-mail microsoft for some advice. sorry I can't help anymore I wish I could.

  Ken22 19:44 03 Aug 2004

Yes I would have to agree with every thing you said. Thanks for all your help

  Ken22 20:24 12 Aug 2004

I had a though to go back to the origonal disc I got with the ppc and there it was deep within the disc, wmp is not always embedded into the os and is considered a bolt on. My advice for any one else in my situation is to check out the software supplied you may be surprised!

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