Microsoft links 2003

  denzle 16:17 08 Jan 2003
  denzle 16:17 08 Jan 2003

Hi gang and a happy new year to all.
Anyway down to my latest problem,i've just installed my Chrissy prezzie ie. Microsoft links 2003,however on starting the game i get a message saying "3d acceleration is disabled,links cannot detect a 3d device update software for video card or instal new video card". On the options page i've selected my graphics card(a matrox g400 dual head with 32mb sgram ramdac 300mhz) and directx8.1 i've also updated the driver for this card,can any of you kind ppl shed any light on this problem or is the trusty ol'Matrox not up to the task? I await any suggestions, cheers in advance .....Denz

  denzle 16:24 08 Jan 2003

Sorry should have give you the specs of my pc....1ghz cpu,256mb ram,30gb hdd,running win98se,matrox g400 32mb graphics card

  cooshy 20:56 08 Jan 2003

dunno mate,
but my version which is links 2001 championship edition will not let me use my graphics card ever since i downloaded new drivers for it
it worked fine before
hope you get it sorted

  the old man 21:04 08 Jan 2003

use an athlon 600 256 ram, win98se and have not been able to run any links game. could run links 98 on old p166 win 95 but same game would not run on win98se. even contacted msoft and they couldn't answer. kept getting message about graphics card. worked on voodoo2 but not on tnt2 64 pro ultra.

  TBH1 22:09 08 Jan 2003

Athlon 600, 384 mb RAM, win98se,Matrox g400 duel-head graphix card - - -can run Links99 - - -for what its worth.

  denzle 21:02 09 Jan 2003

After much searching on the web and the microsoft data base it appears that my Matrox g400 dual head 32Mb graphics card is not up to the minimum spec to run Microsoft links 2003,now where do i stand? i've just purchased a product for £34.00 which does,nt work on my pc,i checked all the spec requirements on the box before purchase and it stipulates a 16mb 3d card well within my pc's capabilities,do you think i could demand a refund?
I bought the game from pc world,any idea what is their stance as regards opened products,any feedback would be most welcome.cheers in advance............

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