microsoft license agreement

  [email protected] E 20:01 01 Jan 2004

I have a copy of XP Pro (Desktop) & XP Home (Laptop), could i put XP Pro on the laptop or would this breach the areement?

many thanks.

  Pesala 20:50 01 Jan 2004

Unless you put the XP Home on the desktop.

  sdf 20:52 01 Jan 2004

one liscence, one machine

  [email protected] E 15:47 03 Jan 2004

ah well!!!! looks like another victory for gates

  Jester2K 15:58 03 Jan 2004


  [email protected] E 16:14 03 Jan 2004

you know it Jester2K

  Salinger 16:20 03 Jan 2004

I might be wrong, but I was under the impression that you could have them on main PC AND Laptop provided that you don't use them simultaneously?

  Jester2K 17:37 03 Jan 2004

Only Office offers that license, not Windows.

[email protected] E - sorry i was sighing at your comment not Mr Gates....

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