Microsoft 'Kill Switch' question on laptops

  eysha1 19:56 09 Feb 2013

I have just been told that Microsoft put a 'kill Switch' in to their laptops so after a given time the laptop stops working so you have to buy a new one. Apparently this is not the case in Apple. My question is - is this true and if so how long does the kill switch last? My Toshiba is on its last as it is playing up badly now but it is 4 years and 3 months old now - is it's time up/nearly up?

  rdave13 20:07 09 Feb 2013
  eysha1 20:26 09 Feb 2013

Wish i hadn't bought Win 8 now.

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:35 09 Feb 2013

Ignore all the silly scaremongering, if your laptop fails it will be because of a hardware fault, not because Microsoft have decided you need a new one.

  eysha1 20:38 09 Feb 2013

thanks for that. How long do laptops normally last? is 4 years old really old?

  rdave13 20:54 09 Feb 2013

I've got a decrepit old, and I mean old, Vista (original) laptop now running 8. New lease of life and the children use it.

Get to know 8 before you try to personalise anything is my advice. It's one of the best Microsoft have developed in my humble opinion.

  eysha1 21:11 09 Feb 2013

Thanks rdave, so i won't thow my, this old laptop out. I was thinking of taking the mameory out and putting it in my hubbies laptop and taking out the harddrive and putting it in an external case as a backup adn getting rid of the rest, or jsut keep minus the above for spares just in case?

  rdave13 21:16 09 Feb 2013

Thought your problem was on a new laptop?

  eysha1 21:18 09 Feb 2013

yes the problem is on a new laptop bought yesterday but luckily my old one, which i am typing on now, is still working or i would be up the wall now without the help from here.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:13 10 Feb 2013

Kill switch - just a scare

I'm running several laptops with no problems a Toshiba 4yr old vista a HP Compaq with win 2k a HP with Win 98 (256mb RAM max mem) a Technics with DOS5 from the late 80's (24rs old) (256Mb hard drive)

Once you have all your stuff up and running on your new windows 8 laptop you can then look at the problems on your Toshiba with out worrying about losing anything.

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