Microsoft Internet Explorer 6

  nicolas500 19:14 29 Jan 2003

Whenever I try to enter a number of websites (e.g. First Direct Bank), a box with a message "MIE has encountered a problem and needs to close" appears. I am then directed to tell Microsoft about this problem which leads to an error report. The "Online Crash Analysis" message then informs me that this is not a Microsoft problem but was caused by "Flash Player" and directs me to the Macromedia site. When I initially did this, I was advised to update the Flash Player which I did but the problem continues. Can anybody tell me how to cure the problem or at least how to get rid of the message box from Microsoft. Thanks for any help that can be provided.

  Ironman556 19:33 29 Jan 2003

I'm not sure you can get rid of the message boxes, but I never boither to send the error reports. You could try uninstalling flash totally and then downloading and installing it again.

From internet explorer try, Tools, Internet Options, and then Settings on the general tab, under the Heading Temporary Internet Files. If you click the Objects button, you will see downloaded things which have been installed. Right click the one you want to remove, and select remove.

I think everything in there is safe to remove.


  flecc 20:11 29 Jan 2003

Also you have the free help from the ICL Technical Support team at First Direct, I've found them pretty good and very knowledgeable about IE. In case you don't have the number it's:-

08456 100 174

and their hours are:-

4 pm to Midnight, Monday to Friday

8 am to Midnight, Saturday and Sunday.

For problems related to computing within the banking site, the number is:-

08456 100 234

and the hours 7 am to Midnight any weekday.

  Microbe 22:25 29 Jan 2003

I ahve had this problem on IE6 as have two other other people that I know of. The only solution that I found was to upgrade to IE6.1. I don't know if it's just coincidence, but I have not had the prblem since.


  User-312386 22:32 29 Jan 2003

yes i had this problem and removed the flash offending files as they were corrupt

to do this go to C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files

in the files delete "shockwave active x control" and "shockwave flash object"

restart computer

now go to
click here and install macromedia flash player and macromedia shockwave player


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