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  User-178362 01:21 14 Feb 2006

Under the heading above I get Root.htlm,-RouteCall0:Routing Liquid not found. There is a OK that I click on to get rid of it. I have had this keep popping up now for two weeks. Could you please tell me what does it mean and how do I stop it from appearing? It comes when I go into PhotoSuite4, after clicking on a picture that I would like to work on. The O next to Call is an extra large one a number I think.

  Kev.Ifty 01:47 14 Feb 2006

Have you got any optical character recognition software? does Textbridge mean anything?


  User-178362 20:02 15 Feb 2006

I only have a optical mouse. Textbridge means nothing to me.

  ade.h 21:15 15 Feb 2006

Is this an error warning?

Could we have a screengrab, please?

  DieSse 22:15 15 Feb 2006

It seems that may things can actually throw up this obscure error - but there doesn't seem (on googling) to be anyway of finding out what's going on really (other than the *Textbridge* example.)

Do you have a scanner?

If you do, you may have installed textbridge when you installed the scanner (even if you aren't aware of it).

Can you look through your program menus, and lists of installed programs, to see if it appears anywhere.

There are several references to it in relation to Photosuite in the Roxio forums - but finding the actual messages is defeating me at present!

  lotvic 22:57 15 Feb 2006

I found this, but beware if clicking on link as there is some foul language allowed on that forum.

click here()%3ARouting+Liquid+Not+Found&rnum=1&hl=en#8ebb865e02393c71

Roxio PhotoSuite 4

Internet Explorer script errors occur when launching or working in Roxio PhotoSuite 4 Platinum.
This article applies to Roxio branded versions of PhotoSuite 4 only.
This may be caused by one of the following issues.
1. Windows user name contains invalid HTML characters.
2. An updated HTMLComponent file may be required.
3. Internet Explorer needs to be updated.
Section 1 - Windows user name contains invalid HTML characters.
PhotoSuite uses java scripting in many program functions. Characters
such as \ / : * ? " ' < > | are incompatible with the java commands
used by PhotoSuite resulting in error messages. If your Windows user
name does not contain any of these characters, proceed to Section 2.
If you have used any of these characters in your windows user name,
the only way to resolve this issue will be to create a new Windows
user name that does not contain these invalid characters. This can be
done from the Windows Control Panel, User Accounts menu. We recommend
the Windows user name contain letters and numbers only. Renaming your
current Windows user name will not correct this issue.
Section 2 - Installing an updated HTMLComponent file.
Delete the existing HTMLComponent file from the following folder.
C:\Program Files\Roxio\PhotoSuite 4\Resources
1. Double click My Computer.
2. Double click C drive.
3. Double click Program Files.
4. Double click Roxio.
5. Double click PhotoSuite 4.
6. Double click Resources.
7. Right click the HTMLComponent file and select Delete.
Step 2 - Download and install the updated HTMLComponent file.
1. Open your web browser and type click here into the address
bar. Press Enter.
2. Double click on Download.
3. Double click on photo.
4. Double click on RoxioPS4.
5. Right click on HTMLComponent and choose Copy To Folder.
6. Double click My Computer.
7. Double click C drive.
3. Double click Program Files.
4. Double click Roxio.
5. Double click PhotoSuite 4.
6. Double click Resources.
7. Click OK.
Step 3 - Run PS_Clean.exe.
1. Double click My Computer.
2. Double click C drive.
3. Double click Program Files.
4. Double click Roxio.
5. Double click PhotoSuite 4.
6. Double click PS_Clean.exe.
7. Click YES when prompted to delete the contents of the temporary
Section 3 - Internet Explorer needs to be updated.
Install the latest version of Internet Explorer available from
Microsoft's web site.
click here
If you already have the latest version installed, perform a reinstall
and choose "reinstall all components" when prompted.

  User-178362 23:56 15 Feb 2006

I too have not had the message since posting, so I will close this thread. If it comes back so will I. When I uninstalled AVG it told me something was attached to Roxio. I uninstalled and throw it out, It was a freebie from a mag. I still have MIG PhotoSuit and all has been well today, Before I close, I do have a scanner. which I have just started to use, I also clicked on "C" and looked at my files but could not see Textbridge, If the message comes back I will grab it and post onto the Forum. Thank you.

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