Microsoft has encountered a fault....

  watchful 08:12 21 Jun 2003

...and has to close down.

I know this has appeared before but can't find it in search.

The box says do you want to report the fault etc.

Do you need to get a fix from Microsoft for this?

  mikef. 09:04 21 Jun 2003

No there is no fix for this as it can be caused by countless different reasons, sending the report to Microsoft can be useful because if they find a common fault this way, a fix can be issued

  Forum Editor 09:44 21 Jun 2003

works well, in spite of the fact that it might appear to be a waste of time.

The theory is that hundreds of thousands of users will report faults routinely, and in a way that enables Microsoft to compile huge databases of data. This in turn enables software engineers to look for common causes and write fixes. Those fixes can then be offered automatically, whenever a fresh instance of a particular problem is reported.

If you like, the entire user base is thus invited to debug the operating system, and contribute to the development of the next one.

If you choose not to send the reports you'll be in good company - many people find the pop-up request an irritation and always click on the 'don't send button'. It's a pity, because it costs nothing, doesn't in any way identify you to Microsoft, and might well result in your being offered a fix for the problem.

Don't hold your breath on that last point though.

  watchful 10:07 21 Jun 2003

Thanks for your responses. I asked this on behalf of a friend so I'll report what you have said to her.

Her problem seems to be that she keeps getting cut off the internet whichever option she chooses.

  watchful 18:52 21 Jun 2003

The problem was solved after contact with Microsoft who offered a download for the problem.

Apparently the user had not had any updates for a while.

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