Microsoft Giant Anti-spyware problem.

  joethebow 00:14 30 Jan 2005

Microsoft has just released a beta version of their new anti-spyware programme. You can get it from the Microsoft Update site as part of a normal security update.

It works by blocking registry changes. I've been using it for a couple of days and it looks good.

If it sees something attempting to change the registry it does one of two things. Either it knows the programme involved, allows the change and informs you of it or if it is suspicious it throws up a warning box and asks do you want to allow or deny the change. So if you're not installing anything and this box pops up it's a fair bet it's malicious.

Well worth downloading, even if you have to install SP2 first.

  joethebow 00:15 30 Jan 2005

Sorry the heading should have read programme not problem.

  THE TERMINATOR 02:24 30 Jan 2005

Thanks, but beware it plays up Norton Internet Security2005. I got it off my system....TT

  NickyK 02:43 30 Jan 2005

At the risk of being completely wrong, they (Bill-guys) have bought what is consumerly known as "GIANT". Hold on while I check.

Yes. It is GIANT. I believe there are some licencing problems with the organization that used to supply GIANT under a different name for DELL (Sunbelt).

Apparently, there is some equivocation about copywrite.

And from where did I get this infor? Sunday Express. Sorry.

  NickyK 03:09 30 Jan 2005

As you all already knew, this is Beta Microsoft GIANT. Same stuff, same prog. Plus ce change, mes amis.

  firestorm613 06:38 30 Jan 2005

If its a text mistake, why don't they change it to programme (instead of problem). it was very scary for me to see that it says there is a problem with this program. i use this anti-virus programme and it works great. i feel very secure because it tells me everything thats going on with my PC. I greatly recommend it to every PC user that is internet active. -Firestorm613

  Meshuga 08:12 30 Jan 2005

I have been using Giant for a long time without any problems from day one and it is a "must" as far as I am concerned.

  NickyK 03:41 02 Feb 2005

To reiterate, firestorm613: Micorsoft has purchased GIANT, and is now beta-testing it.It is exactly the same program as before, and is now available in Beta mode for 6 months. If your have already purchased it, your comsumer rights will still apply - though I suggest you check out re-registration (I haven't looked into that). They have to beta test it for legal reasons. Also, as I have said above, Dell/Sunbelt was pissed off, but I think that must have been resolved (someone probably waved a huge bunch of bucks in someone's face - plus ce change). Anyway, Beta GIANT It is just as good as it always was.

If you are worried about other protection, you are obviously more than capable of handling this yourself.

My only worry, if I have read your letter correctly, is that you are depending on this product as an antui-virus. GIANT is anti-spyware, and, sure, it will act as an anti adware/hijack firewall and is reasonably efficient. It can even block the occasional trojans.

But, if you haven't got a proper anti-virus, then you might just as well turn GIANT off and say "Hello boys". Install AVG immediately. It is freeware, and you can find the link somewhere on this site: click here

Download the latest HOME version.

And firewalls? You are on your own. Try Mcafee. They'll give you a trial (90 days).

I am sorry if I am telling you what you already know, but your post was so weird that I didn't know what else to do. Sorry if I have just "bent your ear".

And sorry to joethebow for not being more pertinent.


  NickyK 03:54 02 Feb 2005

Whatever your situation, go here for safety that works.

click here

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