Microsoft Frontpage - HARD to use??

  $ix 07:40 15 May 2006

ive managed to get hold of some templates and opened 1 i liked in microsoft frontpage, im finding it extrodinarily difficult to add text or modify anything about the templates, it only lets me stretch bits and peices, i cant take out a section and replace it because it fills up the blank space staright away with the rest of the template.

is there an easier way to do this?

  €dstowe 08:13 15 May 2006

Like a lot of things, MS Frontpage takes a little effort in learning how to use it.

In the same way you can't sit in the pilot's seat of an Boing 747 for the first time and expect to fly it to New York, you can't expect to be an expert in what is, after all, a complex computer program at the first few attempts at using it.

There are comprehensive help files given with Frontpage and you can also buy books which give a good insight on how to use it.

  rmcqua 12:21 15 May 2006

As €dstowe says, to develop a true working familiarity with a piece of software as complex as Front Page can take weeks, if not months, of regular use. Keep at it and keep using the help files.

  splatter 12:26 15 May 2006

I agree, and FrontPage is far from the most powerful program out there...I've been using DreamWeaver since college (4 magnificent years ago) and I'm still picking up tips & tricks!

€dstowe: "In the same way you can't sit in the pilot's seat of an Boing 747 for the first time and expect to fly it to New York"

Would you be prepared to put money on that? I've done it in Flight Simulator enough times :)

  €dstowe 14:46 15 May 2006

Yes, I'm not a gambling man but, I'd put money on it. You can't have the "first time" proviso, though, as you've done in a simulator.

Even so, doing it in a simulator is a totally different experience to doing it "live" and for reall as I know from doing my first solo flight to France after I recently obtained my pilot's license. (No, it wasn't in a 747.)

  $ix 06:43 16 May 2006


  splatter 12:08 16 May 2006

I know, I was only kidding. But I do have some flight experience for real aswell. I flew a few time's with cadets, my Dad is PPL and a friend flys for easyjet! Flying is lots of fun though.

Sorry for going off topic there.

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