Microsoft Frontpage 2000

  Swampy 06:05 19 May 2006

Hi all,
Whenever I write anything in Frontpage and press return there is an extra blank line inserted. it would be much easier if you just had to press return twice to insert a blank. I cannot find how to correct this - there has to be an easy way surely? (The paragraph line spacing is set at 1)

Any help much appreciated.

  beynac 07:42 19 May 2006

I don't know anything about Frontpage but, if you press the Return key, I think that you are ending one paragraph and starting a new one (i.e. inserting closing and opening "p" tags). In HTML code there is a space between paragraphs. To start a new line, in the same paragraph, you need a "br" tag.

  €dstowe 07:51 19 May 2006

I don't want this to appear to be rude but, it would be best for you to discover the characteristics of the program and how to use it before complaining and wanting to modify it.

I remarked in another thread recently that Frontpage is a large and complex program that requires quite a lot of learning and effort to use it correctly.

There are comprehensive help files within the program itself and a number of books available on how to use it.

  Bagsey 10:34 19 May 2006

Hold the SHIFT key when pressing ENTER does the job for me.HTH.

  Swampy 20:21 19 May 2006

Thanks for all your responses. Holding the shift key down appears to work.
Just to answer you £dstowe, It wasn't meant as a complaint about the program. I have used it for sometime now but could never find out about this 'snag', even in the help files. Having said that I do appreciate your comments and agree that often some are lazy and just can't be bothered to look any further than their noses.
Thanks again.

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