Microsoft Flight

  KPC 14:53 28 Dec 2012

I have MS Flight installed on a desktop computer which plays great. My graphics card has the usual monitor connection plus a HDMI socket which i have connected via HDMI cable to a 1080p sony tv. There is no problem with the desktop, internet and everything else what i can do on the pc i can do via the tv in my living room. The problem is the game, when i start it up,it turns the desktop into a black screen. Ive noticed when you start the game it seems to disable the desktop because there is no way to minimise or anything in game unless you press the windows key on your keyboard which after a few flashes on the monitor, you can then say go on the internet but when you close browser it goes back into the game and so on. there must be a way of getting the card to display the game, i just dont understand why it doesnt show on the tv. any ideas. its an AMD graphics card i have by the way.

  KPC 15:18 28 Dec 2012

thanks chronos for replying, first of all, this is MS flight, not MS Flight simulator. Basically if i play the game on the desktop computer, the game starts with a picture on top of your desktop, then when it loads, your desktop dissapears. with the connection to the tv via hdmi directly connected to the grahics card, everything is a perfect mirror until you start flight, then the monitor displays the game and the tv goes black screen.

  KPC 15:40 28 Dec 2012

The card i have in the computer is a Radeon HD 6850 1GB GDDR5 with HDMI port. I have noticed that the tv has been recognised in AMD vision control centre

  KPC 15:44 28 Dec 2012

Cheers chronos, i will follow this advise and get back to you, fingers crossed. thanks again..... standby

  KPC 16:01 28 Dec 2012

no good, its the same, as soon as the game loads into its menu, the screen goes black on the tv.

  KPC 16:28 28 Dec 2012

cheers mate, thanks for that. When you mention steam, are you referring to the fact the game needs to connect to the internet?

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