Microsoft Fixit tool not working

  thumbscrew 19:10 16 May 2015

I run Windows 7 and have been downloading the Microsoft Fixit tool, which I've used successfully in the past. Today however, when it gets to the "Checking the computer" stage It displays an error, informing me to check my internet connection(which is fine). Can anyone advise please?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:16 16 May 2015

There are many "fix its" from Microsoft

what are you trying to fix?

  thumbscrew 20:44 16 May 2015

Slow computer. I only know one Microsoft Fixit, displays a picture of a man's head and as I stated I've used it before with no problems.

  wee eddie 21:44 16 May 2015

Thumbscrew: Could you post a link to the Web site that you are downloading the Fixit from?

  thumbscrew 22:08 16 May 2015

I downloaded it from several....same problem each one. If you go on Cnet, download it from there.

  wee eddie 12:12 17 May 2015

Sorry thumbscrew: I was too busy driving my Taxi to follow up last night.

Please give us an actual link to the MrFixit that you downloaded. CNet is a great place to download stuff. However, not is all it's necessarily what it seems to be and frequently comes with an unexpected Payload.

There is a very high possibility that what you downloaded has only a passing acquaintance with Microsoft, even if it tries to persuade you otherwise. I know that that should not be allowed, it's cheating and not nice, but that's life.

Once you've told us where you've been.

Please tell us what the problem was and we will try and help you solve your original problem and also get rid of the Crapware that snuck in while you were downloading from CNet.

  thumbscrew 13:05 17 May 2015

Grateful thanks Wee Eddie, Govanx and Fruit Bat. Govanx...the Fix It link that you posted, worked for me and I was able to run it, thus Eddie...problem solved. Thanks to you all once again.

  wee eddie 14:00 17 May 2015

Thumbscrew: If you have, previously, downloaded Fix-its from CNet. You will, almost certainly, have downloaded an assortment of malware.

  thumbscrew 20:42 17 May 2015

Ok thanks Eddie, didn't know that and I'll avoid them in future.

  wee eddie 21:15 17 May 2015

It would make sense to download the Free version of Malwarebytes and use it to clear any PUP's.

I would also use the free version of CCleaner.

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