Microsoft Essentials Anti Virus

  bpzoom 19:48 28 Feb 2012

Windows 7. Having used the likes of security systems Kapersky, McAfee and others over the years, I have been recommended to try the free Microsoft Essentials anti virus software. Has anyone experience of this and what is it like, for example its impact on the system start up time,and its general effect on system running speed. I posted this elsewhere and was advised it is more appropriate to the Helproom. Thank you.

  Nontek 19:55 28 Feb 2012

I also recently upgraded to Win7 and am using MSE, have done so since MSE first appeared. In my humble opinion it it excellent.

I would also recommend MalwareBytes Pro, worth every penny.

  Nontek 19:57 28 Feb 2012

PS - MSE has no detrimental effects on performance of my laptop.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:07 28 Feb 2012

If you want a free AV, MSE is ideal for those who are not computer literate as it works completely in the back ground and updates with windows updates.

As good as most other free ones and OK for those running Vista or W7 but does slow down XP.

As far as the free ones are concerned Avast has the lightest foot print however there are some problems over the latest update Avast7 but I expect they will be sorted very quickly.

I ran MSE and Avast on two identical machines running XP and Avast was better.

Haven't tried the same experiment for Vista or W7

  Nontek 20:09 28 Feb 2012

I have just seen buteman's comments in your other Post, must admit, I am surprised at what he says. I am sure that buteman is well aware that many of 'us' use MSE and Anti-malware programs together, without problems - I certainly have always run both.

  birdface 20:44 28 Feb 2012


I was just going with the way it worked for me using XP.It was really bad and I had to remove it.

Now it maybe entirely different in W/7 but if it was that good microsoft would sell it not give it away free.

I have always been of the opinion of any free anti-virus and a paid for version of any anti-malware program So I would go with your selection MSE and MalwareBytes Pro which can be bought on Amazon for £12.99 for a lifetime use.

  wednesday 13 20:50 28 Feb 2012

MSE has been the only anti-virus I've had that hasn't suddenly stopped working on me, and it doesn't cause any slowdown whatsoever. I do like to keep ad-aware free running alongside it though

  Nontek 21:23 28 Feb 2012

Hi buteman - I was not being critical, just commenting. I have only moved to Win7 since last weekend having just bought a shiny new laptop from Novatech, prior to that was using XP (actually still have XP on my desktop). I also run MBAM Pro on my desktop - it is on its last legs, so will be scrapping it soon.

You do know me in my old guise as Technotiger!!

  Nontek 21:26 28 Feb 2012


I hope you are convinced by now - didn't mean to hijack your Post!


  birdface 21:42 28 Feb 2012


Well my goodness it is nice to see that you are still about.Never recognized you with the different name.

You helped me out lots of times in the past often wondered where you had disappeared to and you have been here all of the time.

  Nontek 21:51 28 Feb 2012

been here all of the time ................

Except while I was in Hospital - several times, but on the mend now.

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