Microsoft and email

  powerless 15:57 19 Oct 2003

"Microsoft regularly sends e-mail to subscribers of our security e-mail notification services when we release a Microsoft Security Bulletin.

Unfortunately, malicious individuals have been known to send bogus bulletins that appear to be coming from Microsoft, a tactic known as spoofing. Some of these messages lure recipients to malicious Web sites to download malicious code, while others include a file attachment containing a virus."

FYI: click here

  spikeychris 16:46 19 Oct 2003

PCA sacked you yet?

  powerless 17:05 19 Oct 2003

It's confidential.

  spikeychris 17:08 19 Oct 2003

Ah that'll be yeah then.

  powerless 00:12 20 Oct 2003

Bump, so Djohn can see it ;-))

  powerless 17:33 25 Oct 2003

I just seen Elvis.

  powerless 21:47 27 Nov 2003

Back to the Future!

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