Microsoft destroying business

  madPentium 20:07 10 Nov 2003

I purchased and installed server 2003 today and had to also purchase several licence packs to make it a 20 user server. Lovely software by the way...

Anyway, My customer phoned complaining that I had paid too much for the software. I got it for £500+vat and 5 user licence packs for £100+vat.
My customer had approached a software house called blue solutions and they quoted £425 + vat and licences for £80+vat. They are OEM. What gets to me is these people do not have MS agreement to sell OEM, and they do not offer support. If a customer buys OEM from them and calls MS for help, MS will say "oh its oem, call your supplier", who doesnt offer support. The company I mention is one of many and yet MS seem to do nothing about it and it lets companies who offer support go out of business. I received an email advert today offering oem server 2003 for £180, where do they get the software from so cheap? Server 2003 isnt that old and im suprised there are already so many oem copies 'floating around'.

  The Lights Are On 20:29 10 Nov 2003

Already some cheap OEM Office 2003 around that just requires a piece of hardware purchased.

  madPentium 20:38 10 Nov 2003

But I dont understand why this is being allowed. If I become a computer manufacturer I can approach MS and get an agreement to be allowed to have OEM software to keep my prices down. I would have to agree to supporting the software, but shops etc just selling software shouldnt be selling oem products. This makes a mockery of the whole thing. If MS want to be taken seriously and people to turn against piracy, they need to control this kind of thing in return. If you question them, their answer is simply "well if you dont want our software, dont buy it". That shows their attitude through and through.

  Spencus 20:54 10 Nov 2003

Have you looked at BlueSolutions web site?, they state that they can only sell Microsoft OEM to certain types of outlets (rebuilders etc.)Does this discribe your client?

  madPentium 21:47 10 Nov 2003

no it doesnt, they are a pr company. They already have computers. When they phoned blue solutions they said they could buy it no problem. When I phoned and questioned, they hang up.

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