Microsoft Contact Problems yet again!

  morddwyd 12:46 20 Nov 2018

Once again locked out of Skype with a large amount of credit unavailable.

Somehow my whole MS account is corrupt and I cannot sign in.

All the normal password reset features result in a security code being sent. However, somehow the enail address has become corrupt and ends in ".c" not ".com" which is where the codes are sent and I can't access them.

An attempt to use the "edit address" feature results in "This address has already been edited"! impasse

The helpline only gives a menu which a'ways loops back to "reset password", as does any attempt at on line help.

I need Number or an email address that somebody will answer. I suspect it only needs a simple reset operation.

  morddwyd 09:30 18 Dec 2018

Certainly not.

Regardless of outcome you have already gone to some trouble on my behalf!

  morddwyd 09:17 21 Dec 2018


I have a what looks to be a comprehensive response from the Executive Office Escalation Team.

It will take me a bit of concentration to work through it but will find a quiet time over weekend, but thought you would like to know I've had a response.

  morddwyd 09:13 31 Dec 2018


After several false starts, wrong turns, blind alleys and multiple emails I have today logged in from several devices and two platforms.

Thanks very much for your assistance, and please thank your PR contacts for their help.

  Forum Editor 11:01 01 Jan 2019

Excellent news, and thanks for the update. I'll certainly pass your thanks on to the Microsoft PR team.

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