Microsoft cold call

  EFC1878 10:42 27 Mar 2010

Yesterdya somebody saying they were from Microsoft rang and spoke to my wife about something to do with browsers/servers. She told them she was not the one to speak and they said they would ring back but didn't

That evening when I logged on I had a pop up box asking me which browser I preferred with about 8 selections and links to install them

Has anybody else experienced this?

  qbie 10:49 27 Mar 2010

The box with the browsers is due to a recent windows update - if you google "eu browser ballot" you will find plenty of information.

The call from someone claming to be from MS is probable a scam - I've had to deal with a few people who've had these calls recently, all of them related to some kind of Malware/Spyware. I'd recommend you download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and give your PC a full scan.

  EFC1878 10:54 27 Mar 2010

I was very suspect about the call and was thankful my wife dealt with them as she did. I was prepared to do nothing should they have rung back

I will do the malwarebytes check


  provider 2 11:16 27 Mar 2010

Yes I had a similar call three days ago ... marked South-East Asian accent and wouldn`t answer my questions about how come Ms had my telephone number, or could possibly know anything at all about my particular pc, operating ststem etc.

Wished him a good afternoon and go away.

  provider 2 15:26 30 Mar 2010

Another one of these today.

Different voice but the same (apparent) origin. This time the opening gambit was, "Your ISP bills are all paid up but Ms wants to ensure the security of your machine ..."

It looks as if these people don`t even bother to record the numbers they`ve tried already.

BT says they can`t block international nuisance calls with their "Preference Service" but they`re working on it.

Anyone else being targeted at the moment?

  robin_x 19:39 30 Mar 2010

Get about half a dozen junk calls every day.

Thank God for caller ID, they mostly don't get answered.
If they do, by mistake, we just put the phone down.

"Proper" ones like reminders to pay telephone or electric bill, leave a message on 1571.

  provider 2 16:19 08 Apr 2010

Another call from Microsoft today ... only it wasn`t.

Better English this time, though, I`ll give them that. Put the phone down without saying anything again.

What is it with these people? Do they ever give up?

  Housten 16:30 08 Apr 2010

Okay this is just a blatant attempt to punlicise what I suspect is the same thing. If you look in this forum you will find 'fixonclick - has anyone deal with this firm?'. If you read the postings there you should be able to reach a conclusion!!

  Housten 16:32 08 Apr 2010

Whoops!! 'punlicise' should read 'publicise'

  provider 2 16:43 08 Apr 2010

Oh good grief, Housten, you really have been through the scammer`s mill!

No, this one isn`t to do with "fixonclick" (which I`ve never heard of).

Milado says he`s calling from Microsoft straight off ... they want to help secure my machine and have identified some malware running on it ... some more absolute tripe to follow, no doubt, but I`ve not let him get that far.

It` the sheer persistence of it that bugs me ...

  Technotiger 16:49 08 Apr 2010

Yes, fixonclick is another scam, actually getting money of some people!

Just Google it!

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