Microsoft August update - Will not now bootup at all

  compumac 17:00 28 Aug 2014

My daughter who lives some distance away from me has a Samsung NP 355V5C Laptop running Windows 8 and the August update has resulted in a complete mess. The laptop will not boot up into Windows at all. On one occasion she was able to see momentarily a "Windows updating 35%" and then back to the black screen. She has been able to access Recovery position by continually pressing the F4 button until Recovery dialogue box displayed. This would appear to give the option to restore to a date of purchase with nothing in between. Question 1. How can I access the personal data before committing to a complete restore to factory settings? Question 2. Is there any another option other than 1?

I will be getting the laptop later on this evening and wish to be armed with all options available to me.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:46 28 Aug 2014
  rdave13 17:55 28 Aug 2014

Remove drive, connect to your PC and see if you can recover all the docs etc. That would be my first try. Once backed up all the important stuff then you can reinstall the drive to the laptop and return to factory settings.

Once there see if you can create another USB/ DVDs restore medium again, as always handy.

Get a good book while updating.

Possibly get daughter to buy a drive for backup and suggest that backing up, though boring, will pay dividends at some point. :)

  rdave13 17:57 28 Aug 2014

As for the messed up updates follow this guide before installing the new one, zdnet.

  rdave13 17:59 28 Aug 2014

PS, if a successful backup and restore to factory settings, then the updates are now OK.

  compumac 20:25 28 Aug 2014

rdave13 I have been looking all over the house for my cradle that holds laptop drives - could not find it anywhere. Your suggestion was the one I aimed to do for when my daughter appeared with the laptop.

Got the laptop and then got in touch with Microsoft who remotely went into control and it was evident that there was a lot of malware, and found that it is/was not necessarily the August Windows update but more likely to be the amount of malware. I had spoken with daughter on a number of occasions in respect of backups/images etc. - but nothing happened.

I am sure that now she will follow my advice. THEN - said daughter revealed that she had my external laptop cradle with a 100GB contained in it!!

At this moment in time I am working on the laptop but have confidence that by this time tomorrow everything will be as it should be. If you do not see any posts originating from me then you know that I should have kept my mouth shut

  rdave13 20:45 28 Aug 2014

compumac I'm sure you'll be sorted.

  compumac 12:22 29 Aug 2014

Worked on it until 01:00 this morning and resumed at 06:45 (yawn) All working as it should. Microsoft Agent remotely access laptop, ran Malwarebytes Free and it found a large number of threats and these were quarantined. The agent advised that the laptop was now up to date as far as Microsoft updates were concerned and that there were no threats remaining.

Question: I then ran Malwarebytes Free and it found 58 threats(?)

Any thoughts as I use Emsisoft Antimalware and am not familiar with the workings of Malwarebytes?

  compumac 13:29 29 Aug 2014


I do have Emsissoft Antimalware (paid for version) on my other PC's. It is just this laptop of my daughters that I installed Emissoft Emergency Kit on it and it found 110 threats with 106 rated as no risk. I did not delete any of those at that time. How does Malwarebytes seemingly quarantine threats but subsequent scans find (not 58 as I first thought) but 285? These were again quarantined and I ran another scan that found 18?? Perhaps I was too tired before and did not quarantine them as I thought or is there another explanation?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:21 29 Aug 2014

ALso try running ADWCleaner to get rid of PUPs and browser addons that may still be downloading stuff

  compumac 17:05 29 Aug 2014

Fruit Bat /\0/\ You just beat me to it. I have just downloaded ADWCleaner and ran same. I would like to say that great minds think alike but that might be a touch presumptuous.

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