Microsoft AntiSpyware (Beta) and Ad-Aware SE

  Chris Webster 21:23 28 Mar 2005

Is it ok to have the new MS AntiSpyware (Beta) programme and Ad-Aware SE Personal together?

Does anyone know if the Microsoft version has ever removed anything it shouldn't?

Thank, Chris
XP Home (sp2)

  Jackcoms 21:28 28 Mar 2005

1). Yes

2). Don't know. I never use Beta versions of anything

  VoG II 21:28 28 Mar 2005

They will co-exist perfectly happily.

Microsoft Antispyware may try to remove NewDotNet click here and in my experience this results in a lack of internet connectivity. Fortunately a fix is available click here

  the answer is 42 21:42 28 Mar 2005

MS AntiSpyware (Beta), says it all. Tell Bill the problems, then he will charge you to fix them

  joethebow 23:36 28 Mar 2005

I've been using both for a while without any problems. However with the MS programme running all the time there won't be nuch for any other spyware programme to do.

Just make sure if you schedule them both to run they don't run at the same time.

  CHRoNÏÇ DÂWG 00:21 29 Mar 2005

unless you know how to repare the damage, why bother risk messin with beta versions, i leave them for the xperts to debug 1st, thats why they're there

  Chris Webster 21:58 29 Mar 2005

Thanks for all the info, I think i'll stick with Ad-Aware SE for the time being.

Thanks again, Chris.

  Buchan 35 22:20 29 Mar 2005

I use both, and despite being a Beta version, I`ll keep MS antispyware until I see a load of detrimental opinion.

  pmorff 23:07 29 Mar 2005

The two work together without any problems.
I also have the BT antispyware installed as well as these two. I have done this to compare the three products.
The MS Spyware works slightly differently than the AD-Aware SE antispyware. The former works in the backgound blocking spyware from downloading onto the harddrive, allegedly.
I have found that when I have scanned for any spyware on my PC the Ad-Aware SE has found spyware that the MS antispyware ( BETA )missed.
I keep all three versions of antispyware on my PC as I believe in safety in numbers.

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