Microsoft Anti Spyware

  iscanut 12:50 01 Jun 2005

I notice that the beta ( Beta 1 )I am using has a time bomb expiry date of 31st July next. Does anyone know what happens after that date or is there a newer version that can be downloaded now that MSoft have announced that this software will be free ?

  garrema 13:07 01 Jun 2005

However I would wager that a free and reduced functionality version with the option to upgrade at a cost may be the case.
Personally it infuriated me the way it reset my browser to MSN. So its been uninstalled.

  john-231489 13:28 01 Jun 2005

I also have removed this program. I found that it slowed my system down considerably and also gave me problems accessing files directly from My Document folder.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:01 01 Jun 2005

Suprised that MSAntispy slowed your system down.
Sure not other problems?

It is a very good program Msoft will be updating it and issuing FREE when the beta version epires.

  john-231489 16:07 01 Jun 2005

I have tried it several times. Each time I have had the same problem.

  garrema 17:02 01 Jun 2005

I have compared it with AdAware & Spybot S&D all with Syware balster in the background and the MS antispyware did not detect anything that they did not. Can't comment on the speed however.

  Jak_1 17:07 01 Jun 2005

No problem with it slowing down my pc either, would certainly check that something else may be causing the problem. No problem with my homepage niether, it does not alter the 'use blank' when it does it's nightly scan!

  iscanut 17:08 01 Jun 2005

I have not suffered any speed problems and it has never tried to re-set my browser ( I use Firefox !).
Will wait and see what Microsoft do during the run up to the Beta expiry date in July.

  Buchan 35 19:35 01 Jun 2005

Excellent programme. No problems with slowing down my system (I`m on dial up) and works well with other
other AV and anti malware on my PC

  Lettervanman 19:54 01 Jun 2005

I have no problem with it on my system,it did not try to reset my browser. It will tell you if something does try a reset though,but thats what is is supposed to do

  sinbad1 20:21 01 Jun 2005

I did download ms antispyware, affected my disc defragmenter and add saved files to the tune of 8gig.

I have since uninstalled ms antispyware; howerver when i used the program i was not all that impressed with its performace and in many instances failed to pickup problems where others did the one i find better than most is Spysubtract
i'm gonna stick with that.

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