microsoft advert removal

  regi1 23:37 08 Nov 2011

is there any way of stopping the current microsoft advert on the pcadvisor homepage from starting up automatically every time i access the homepage here? the only way i can stop it is to click on the address a second time and reload page. its really annoying

  mole44 05:03 09 Nov 2011

We use the site for free so it's a small price to pay by having an advert on startup,after all the site has to be paid for somehow.

  regi1 07:42 09 Nov 2011

Thats a fair comment,thought id just overlooked some way of bypassing it,as ive never had one of these ads that takes over the whole page on this site before. Thanks for taking the time to view and comment.

  gengiscant 08:10 09 Nov 2011

In my experience most forums are free but they do not seem to need to have intrusive ad to help support the website.

  john bunyan 22:07 09 Nov 2011

I have Spywareblaster (free) and do not see the advert.

  Forum Editor 23:02 09 Nov 2011


'Most forums'don't have anything like the content and/or traffic that we have, and they don't cost anywhere near the amount of money that we have to spend each year just to keep the site going.

We don't set out to make advertising intrusive, but if it seems to be the case we try to do something about it. Sniping at us - as you seem to want to do every time you get an opportunity - isn't really going to achieve anything.

  gengiscant 04:35 10 Nov 2011

Forum editor

Most forums do not have the traffic and/or content,I beg to differ. As for snipping at every opportunity, there are/have been enough separate posts concerning the various intrusive adverts over the past weeks/months yet it seems to take an inordinate amount of time to rectify the problems. Surely ads are checked before going live? Whereas I am reasonably computer literate and able to block these bloody ads others may not be able to.I am still working on blocking them on my ipad2 but surely blocking defeats the object of having ads in the first place?

  Forum Editor 00:18 13 Nov 2011


Differ as much as you like,but it's a fact. Our site is ranked the seventh most popular magazine site in the world for UK traffic,and is the World's Number One Technology Magazine Website for UK Audience.

There's no need to use swear words by the way - you can make a point without descending to that.

  Graphicool1 15:03 13 Nov 2011


I'm with you on this one...

"the site has to be paid for somehow."

after all it's not like they can use money from adverts in a magazine to pay for the site, is it? Or at least partially, the rest of the money needed could be provided by less obtrusive adverts.

Yes I know the saying 'sarcasm is the lowest form of wit' but I still find it very satisfying and not a swear word in sight. That can't be bad...sorry gengiscant, I couldn't help myself :)

However, for what it's worth, as 'john bunyan' I also use 'SpywareBlaster (free)' as well as 'AdBlock Plus (free)' and as such I don't see any annoying ads either, anymore!

  gengiscant 15:36 13 Nov 2011

No offense taken, I think it is quite amusing that someone should be offended in this day and age by the word I used. As for the magazine I stopped reading that months ago.

  Ventad 19:54 13 Nov 2011

FE I do not know wether you had taken cognicence of my thread CLICK HERE I am not an absolute beginner and yet it took me a long time to get passed the MS advert and finally had to revert to an adblocker to overcome the MS abuse of your forum.I do not know how many other adverts that I have blocked because of this seemingly abuse of power, but I do hope that they (MS) have apologised and compensated you for (if any) down turn in advert revenue

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