Microsoft Account security pop up

  Cockney Rebel 10:42 31 Aug 2018

Good morning folks, Have been getting a pop up appear soon after I turn my laptop on asking me to sign in/verify my Microsoft A/C.Put the correct password in and promptly get told it is incorrect!!Changed password via the pop up. and it goes away.Sign on later and lo and behold its there again same scenario.Twice now this happened in the last 2 days.Managed to alter th epassword again and set up 2 step verification.Pop up appeared again just now when I signed on .Is this likel to be a scam or is it genuine.How do I get rid of it.Many thanks

  Cockney Rebel 10:46 31 Aug 2018

Forgot to mention I,ve run a full virus scan which found and deleted one suspect item but doesn,t tell me what it was called.Malwarebytes finds nothing.Browser set to delete history etc when closed.Windows 10 version 1803.

  KEITH 1955 18:03 01 Sep 2018

don't panic cockney , just ignore it , I get it at least 3 times a day if you get an extra screen asking for your password before you get to desktop , type it in then once at desktop type netplwiz into run run box and follow the prompts , you wont be asked for password again at boot up..... forgot to say its your Microsoft account password its wanting.

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