Microsoft Access Problem

  [DELETED] 14:09 15 Sep 2003

I am building a database to show operator errors being run monthly. I am using a tick box with the yes/no arguement to select each error an operator makes on a daily basis.

On my report i want it to show the total number of each error (there are 5 errors which can be selected) that each advisor makes on a monthly basis, and a total number of each error that is made over the whole department.

How can i set the report to show this?


Say the errors are getting the customers Name, Date of Birth, Address, Phone Number and Occupation wrong.

Using the tick box with the yes/no arguement i can select each time the error is made, yet i want it to show how many times on a monthly basis, that each operator made that mistake.

Then on a second report, to show how many times in a month a customers name was spelt wrong (over the whole department with 20 advisors in the department)

Can anyone help ??????????????

  Taff36 14:22 15 Sep 2003

Could I suggest that the tick box alone is perhaps not the best method. Use a date box (or a Month and Year) as well. Then you can get the report to sort on the tick box then error and by date (Month)

  [DELETED] 19:40 15 Sep 2003

I already have the date/month function sorted, it is just the problem of what coding i need to build in my expression to calculate the total errors i need that is the problem.

I have seen in report examples that they build expressions into them to calculate selected types, but i do not know how to find the total selected using the tick box function (which i do need to use to create the data for the report)

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