Microsoft Access label printing

  whynotsusan 16:36 23 Apr 2005

I have an Access database of people and I want to create address labels. I can do it if I just put one field on each line, eg 'First Name' then 'Surname' etc. But if I put 'First Name' then a space then 'Surname' on one line, when I try to preview it, it asks for a 'Trim' parameter and I don't know what to is wanted. Whatever I've tried the first line comes out as 'Error' but the rest of each address is OK and they are in the right order (alphabetical on surnames, even though the surnames aren't showing up).
Can anybody help, please?

  Diemmess 16:55 23 Apr 2005

I think the combined fields for first name and surname exceed the space allocated and the program is asking you to use the trim procedure (see Access Help), where you tell the program to use the first (number of characters) and ignore the rest. You can also use this method to trim all but the last (number of characters)

Long ago using Basic on a Tandy machine for addresses, I abreviated a Reverend gentleman's title to CANO when it should have been CANON. He was unforgiving!

  brambles 18:20 23 Apr 2005

You could do a Mail Merge label in Word quite easily whilst still using your Access Database for the Merge document.


  Access Moron 18:25 23 Apr 2005

in the control of the first text box you need the following
=[First Name] & " " & [surname]

  whynotsusan 19:36 23 Apr 2005

Replying to Access Moron, what I put in the box (via the wizard) was just what you recommend, but when I look at the design, it says "=Trim{[First Name] & " " & [surname]}. And when I try to preview it , it asks for a Trim parameter. I don't think what I'm asking for is too big for the space available, as I've used this previously with no problem. I've recently installed MS Office on this (new) computer and that's when the trouble started. The data file was imported from my old m/c.

  Access Moron 20:38 23 Apr 2005

sounds like you have a missing reference.

the easiest way to sort this is to import all the objects into a new database.

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