Microsoft Access 2000 help needed

  sat481 23:38 01 Oct 2004

Hi there
I'm hoping there is an Access wizard out there who can help me with a small problem. I have a form with a field with "memo" as the data type and I need to diplay the it on a report. I am unable to do this since a text box can only display 255 characters and the contents of the "memo" field is much more than this, is there anyway I can get the whole of the field onto a report?? Also, the field is also grouped with others of the same serial number so i need it groupable as well.

Any hints greatly recieved.


  whybe 23:56 01 Oct 2004

Although not a solution Microsofts Knowledgebase number 259893 seems to indicate data type 'memo' is truncated from 65536 to 255 (although not losing the information) if you have applied formatting to the field. Not much help but it may prompt our more experienced Access people. Good luck

  sat481 00:23 02 Oct 2004

Thanks for that whybe but I had already seen this and it is when exporting the report to Excel that the problem occurs. Thanks anyhow


  sat481 08:47 02 Oct 2004

Well I finally gave up last night and when I got up thought i'd have a quick go.. and guess what I sorted the problem. I turned off Total: Group By in the querie and then the report was fine.

God knows why


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