Microsft Windows XP Professional

  Ferri 22:26 08 Dec 2005

I have Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, and I want to up grade it to Microsft Windows XP Professional. Will I loos all my programs, files etc. such as Anti Spywar, Anti virous, Broad Band and so one??

  007al 22:29 08 Dec 2005

why do you want to change?
What is there on pro that you want,that you dont have now?

  JKAM 22:39 08 Dec 2005

Somebody correct me if I am wrong, but the main difference between the two is that PRO has the facility required for a network system.

  Ferri 23:08 08 Dec 2005

I though Microsft Windows XP Professional is better and has more facilities. If they isn'i much diffrent I won't do it.

  RobCharles1981 23:11 08 Dec 2005

I got XP Professional its more reliable than Home Edition

  007al 23:11 08 Dec 2005

i have both on seperate pc`s,you wont notice the difference.What do you use your pc for?

  webber_man 23:12 08 Dec 2005

Have a butchers here - might help you decide

click here

I have a laptop running XP Pro and use a desktop with XP Home. To be honest for my uses they're both much of a muchness. Although i am aware of a few extra bits in the Pro edition, for me peronally it's not a major difference.

  GaT7 23:37 08 Dec 2005

Here's a good side-by-side comparison click here. In detail click here.

Unless you're going to use those 'extra' features, let alone on a regular basis, I feel there's little/no point in upgrading.

I have Pro, a friend Home. I can't tell much difference, but psychologically (more like childishly!) I feel I have the 'better' OS! G

  Stuartli 23:58 08 Dec 2005

XP Pro is superior to Home as it's intended for a business environment with, in particular, enhanced networking and security aspects in place.

  Carbonara 00:02 09 Dec 2005

And here was me thinking that its main advantage was that it didn't need activation!

  Mytob 00:38 09 Dec 2005

id consider updating to pro as much as i hate windoz. it does seem to be more stable than home i will say for it and maby a touch quicker but apart from that if you looking at making a full blown network i would not bother. id save ur 180 and by myself a hardware firewall which would be a more efficient use of your money. i would also not go update to vista either. from my testing of the beta i cant see much point upgrading unless ur into gaming like me or you willing to spend another 200+ for a fancy new solitair game lol. in my personal opinion id downgrade to 2000 pro as this way super stable and fairly secure compared to xp. i dont no if you realise but sp2 for xp over wrote about 1/3 of the os! shows how good it is for bugs and security lol. if you do want to by another copy of windows dont go russing to pc world as the will charge you a fortune. go to your local pc fair or ebay where you can pick up 2000 pro for about 30 with coa and xp pro for about 40 with coa. be cairful if bying of ebay and make sure it has a coa sticker not just a code as just the code will make you pc technically illigal to use. btw the coa is the sicker usual found on you pc with the code for windows when you install it.

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