MicroSD card dismounts when accessed

  MeesaMe 07:19 05 May 2015

Wondering if anyone here knows how to fix this? Drivers are up to date. CHKDSK claims no errors but I'm certain there is. I can remove the card from PC, put it back in, and the drive will appear. I can open the drive but opening a folder (only a certain folder - the folder with images on it, other folders open fine) will cause it to dismount. I've tried Recuva, ZAR, and even imaging the drive to try to work from there but the dismounting is not allowing those things to move forward. They will get stuck at a certain point and recovery/imaging stops.

I don't think I can do anything until I fix the bad sector, which CHKDSK is not accomplishing (it says there are none). Is there something that will force a bad sector fix on drive?

  xania 09:55 05 May 2015

When you use Chkdsk, are you using the /f option?

  MeesaMe 20:17 05 May 2015

Yes. /f, /x CHKDSK does nothing.

  Batch 11:13 06 May 2015

Have you tried copying everything off the card and then fully formatting the card (and then copying stuff back)?

  MeesaMe 00:13 08 May 2015

Think I explained once the bad sector (I assume it is a bad sector, based on behavior) is reached / accessed then the card will dismount. This dismounting doesn't allow any sort of complete copying. Can only do a certain # of copy. Also, since this occurs the drive is never fully read and items that were once there can't be viewed anymore (the card displays there is more space present that there really is; EX: the card is 4gb, 2.5gb is used but the card says 3gb is available)

ZAR/etc. show some of these but due to the dismounting can never complete a copying with these programs. I need to fix the bad sector somehow. No ideas?

Will doing a format allow one to then use something like ZAR to recover items? Or will the format permanently clear everything (unsure, since it is an SDcard; I'm assuming based on the disk type it will permanently remove everything to unrecoverable)?

  mole1944 05:16 08 May 2015

After you've taken everything of try this program to format it click here,if it still won't work properly time to bin it,they're cheap enough nowadays.

  xania 10:14 08 May 2015

Have you tried copying the entire drive to your HHD as a partition using a partition manager. This would probably also copy the bad sector but might be easier to fix that.

If not, there are a couple of other things to try:

click here - recommends using chkdsk /r

click here

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