microphone won't work on Messenger

  Artfarty 22:51 18 Jun 2004

I have XP and a Trust webcam that works beautifully but my microphone doesn't want to work. I have done all the wizard tune up thing etc and my pc says it is working but when I try it on Messenger it just tells me that the computer at the other end has a problem. What else can I do please?

  ZEROTOLERANCE 23:09 18 Jun 2004

go to the volume control in the bottom right corner of screen, right clik and choose adjust audio properties, in volume clik advanced then make sure that mute is not ticked in the mic tab, hope this is what you need.


  Epocs 23:11 18 Jun 2004

Does you microphone work in other apps? Such as Sound Recorder in Windows?

  Artfarty 23:19 18 Jun 2004

It's not the mute button and the mike will record
and do all other things except let me speak to my friends.

  johnnyrocker 23:50 18 Jun 2004

is the other party or indeed yourself behind a firewall? msn does have probs even under the easiest of settings, yahoo however works swimmingly and is much more user friendly,


  Artfarty 18:19 22 Jun 2004

I disabled Zone Alarm and the mike worked but that leaves the pc vulnerable to attack doesn't it? anything I can do about that please?

  Viv-208691 18:59 22 Jun 2004

are you behind a router?

  MartinT-B 19:09 22 Jun 2004

If you are on ZA 5.0 (whiohc is a bit buggy) try uninstalling it and installing the 4.5.594.000. version of ZA which is still available click here

If you need an earlier version, click the envelope next to my name, and I will happily email you any of these

4.5.30, 4.5.38, or

  Artfarty 23:39 22 Jun 2004

Afraid I don't know what a router is, and , if I download this other ZA as you say Martin will my mike work with it active?

  MartinT-B 11:20 23 Jun 2004

I can't guarantee it, but the current ZA is causing conflicts with a lot of Programs. You say that you can use the Mike with ZA switched off, which indicates that the program is possibly conflicting with MS messenger.

You have nothing to lose by totally removing ZA 5.0 from your system and replacing with with 4.5 and seeing if it works.

ZA 4.5 is a perfectly good firewall that a lot of people on these forums have reverted to.

Alternatively, you could try the Sygate Firewall, which is also free.

  keith-236785 12:02 23 Jun 2004

My microphone will not work on MSN either, i had to use Netmeeting to talk to a friend in america.

try yahoo as suggested, i have heard it is easier to setup for video/voice calling.

or use netmeeting instead (though i dont think you can use a webcam on netmeeting, though i am open to being proved wrong)

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