microphone wont work

  prestoni 15:06 07 Jan 2006

I have just set up a skype account but when I came to contact my brother the microphone wouldn,t work, I tried a new mike with no joy. I have set up the mike and volume controls etc but still no joy. The computer is relatively and was loaded by myself, all audio and video software appears to be ok. I have never used a mike before on a pc so dont know how to test the mike or audio input to find out if the problem is on the pc in general as I suspect or related to skype. I have just discovered the device manager and suspect the answer lays here. Could someone give me any pointers as to the remedy please.

  mattyc_92 15:12 07 Jan 2006

Have you muted it in the "Volume Control" in the Control Panel?

  handful 15:15 07 Jan 2006

Where have you plugged it in? They generally need to go in a socket on your sound card. If you have a soundcard such as a Creative Audigy, there is a programme called creative recorder which should tell you if the mike is working.

  prestoni 15:26 07 Jan 2006

I am sure i,m ok with the volume controls, the pc came with a front and rear socket for the mike. all the cards etc inside the pc where already installed, all I did was load the software for the shared graphics board and the WIN XP. I have had no problems untill using the mike.

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