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  nik69 20:10 09 May 2004

Ive tried unsuccessfully to find a solution, hopefully someone can help.
I am learning french and yesterday I managed to get the mic to work, but today it dosn't want to play.
The problem seems to be when I adjust the volume control for the microphone in the audio input box, in speech, control panel, click ok, then it just readjusts itself to no sound.
I cannot get it to stay at the top of the volume control.
I am on Win XP, using realtek AC97 Audio.
Hope someone can tell me what I should do,

  stalion 21:39 09 May 2004


  roy 22:41 09 May 2004

The following worked for me.

Go to Start/All programmes/Accessories/Entertainment/Sound Recorder. First try to record here by clicking on the red button. If it doesn't record, open Edit/Audio Properties and you will see Sound recording halfway down. It should show your sound card. Then click on Volume and select Microphone and set volume control, say halfway.
Close and try recording again. If it works then I think it will work for your other programme.


  nik69 09:01 10 May 2004

Thanks Roy, Yes I've tried all of that and then when I close all the boxes, check the mic, it dosn't work, go back to the audio boxes, I find the volume control for microphone has adjusted itself back to no sound. The only way I can get the mic to work is by reinstalling my Realtek AC97 driver again. It was fine last night after I did this, but this morning I had to reistall once again. I shouldn't have to do this everytime should I?

  roy 23:21 10 May 2004

Sorry it didn't work. My guess is that you have a program which is over-riding the other settings.

I think you are using an onboard sound chip. Have you looked for more up to date drivers.

Sorry not to be more helpful. I know when I had similar trouble I tried altering the settings all over the place until I did what I said above and then that worked for me.

When did it last work correctly? or has it always given trouble?

I expect you have also had a look at Control Panel/Sounds and Audio devices. It looks like the same window as I gave before but may have more overall control.
Good luck!

  woodchip 23:35 10 May 2004

Have you tried sound properties in system tray

  woodchip 23:38 10 May 2004

If its a speaker double click it to bring up properties or if a XP OS double click for properties on the sound icon

  nik69 10:04 11 May 2004

Hi Woodchip,
Please can you tell me where I can find system tray?

  roy 13:32 11 May 2004

Bottom right end of your toolbar.

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