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  cybercat31uk 16:10 02 Jan 2003
  cybercat31uk 16:10 02 Jan 2003

AMD Athlon 1700 xp ,128 mb ram, 20gb, onboard sound/graphics - motherboard is pc266 m810 series

I have a problem with my microphone, i plug it in but dont get any sound at all,

i have tried all the settings on audio properties but nothing works... It says my audio driver is Sis 7018.

have checked where i connect my microphone and its definately in right place.

i have been into settings / sound and multimedia and checked everything and have done a microphone test but doesnt help.. also tried a different microphone but nothing at all.

Any ideas?

do you think i need a new driver?

  « Ravin » 08:42 04 Jan 2003


  powerless 08:44 04 Jan 2003


cybercat31uk - You've dont the obvious. New mic. me thinks.

  « Ravin » 08:49 04 Jan 2003

just bumping the thread to the top so someone can help him out..


  « Ravin » 08:50 04 Jan 2003

just bumping the thread to the top so someone can help him out..


  powerless 08:50 04 Jan 2003

Are you saying that whn you plug your mic. in the sound goes off?

  anchor 08:50 04 Jan 2003

Surely the two microphones he has tried can`t be faulty.

I had a similar problem; never found the answer. Finally resolved by using the inbuilt mic: of my Logitech USB webcam.

  « Ravin » 08:53 04 Jan 2003

when you double click the volume button on in your system tray do you see the microphone slider in the play control? and if you do is the mute box unchecked?

  cybercat31uk 13:14 04 Jan 2003

thanx for everybody looking at my question.

found out there is a problem with my hardware:
my onboard sound for motherboard pc266 m810 series.

and need to plug an adaptor into my microphone
input socket (have had a friend round and tested it with some wires, hes just got to do the soldering for me now) but u can do it without soldering.

for anyone with same hardware problem check out the answer on this site - scroll down to near the bottom of page and look at answer number 37.

click here

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