Microphone is just static, no voice

  Boomatrick 11:44 01 May 2018

Hey i just built my new pc today, and i cant really make sense of it not willing to take an older model headset i had from my old pc. It is the steelseries Siberia v2. It works fine on my old pc and when i connect it to my new pc with windows 10, it just doesnt pick up any sound, and if it does it is just static or me shouting into it where my friends can barely make out what i am saying (the rest of the people in my town can hear it though.)

I have tried changing the volume and booster stuff in the recording tab of windows and it just makes it even harder for the mic to pick up on my voice.

I tried rolling back my driver doesnt help, i have tried reinstalling, doesnt help, i cant help but think it is a problem with my motherboard or my software

  wee eddie 11:51 01 May 2018

Sounds like the Mic is the wrong impedance for your system

  Boomatrick 17:45 01 May 2018

So a new mic is the best way to solve the problem? Maybe a mic that isnt connected to my headset? (Blue yeti and shit like that?)

  wee eddie 19:19 01 May 2018

If the Mic part of a Headset.

That's different. You need to plug it into a combined socket

  Boomatrick 20:14 01 May 2018

But it has 2 3.5 mm jacks, so i cant really but them both into one port, i just plug them in normally

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