microphone hum

  geedad 17:25 24 Mar 2011

Windows Home premium 64-bit.
When using my microphone, I get a humming feed-back, that varies with the proximity of the mike to the PC.I can't seem to find the position where it will work without producing the hum.
Any forum member with same problem - and fix?

  spuds 17:45 24 Mar 2011

Have you only this problem recently or is it a new microphone that you are using?.

Is there any other electrical items nearby?.

  geedad 19:05 24 Mar 2011

The mike is from earlier years, yes, but has been used without problems with my Windows Xp.
When you ask if there is any other electrical item nearby, I am not sure what you mean. If you mean peripherals, yes, EG printer, external drive, external storage drive, speakers, D-link modem.
But these are all connected, and necessary for me to use the PC!
I have a TV in the far corner of the room, with a VHS attached.

  mooly 19:15 24 Mar 2011

Hum is caused by stray 50/60 hz pickup maybe pointing to problem with the mic cable/plug etc.

Feedback is something different...
have you got the sound on the PC enabled such that the mic is picking this up, passing it back to the PC, and thus a continuos cycle is set up.

  geedad 22:13 24 Mar 2011

Thanks, mooly.
The speakers I use in conjunction with a Logitech webcam for vision AND sound. The speakers need to be of a high enough volume, to enable me to hear the contact.
The mike is disconnected at all other times.
Sorry I could not reply earlier. I was invaded by pop-ups from a so-called security company, informing me that I had Trojans galore, but that was dealt with again from the good fellows in the Forum!
All the best!

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