Microphone always on

  Lord_Anubis 11:40 28 Nov 2003

My microphone has suddenly entered a permanent on state for no reason at all. it happened while i was using wordXP (speech recog not installed) and whatever i do, from reboot to fiddel with the audio properties i cant turn it off. Importantly the microphone remains off at the login screen it only goes on when i'm logged in.

P.S. I'm going to try system restore but should anyone have another suggestion please post


  Diodorus Siculus 12:13 28 Nov 2003

Check the services that are running and disable the one that turns on the microphone.

Have a look at click here for info re. services.

Also have a look at msconfig and see what is happening there.

The same thing started to happen on my PC a little while ago. It seemed to start after I upgraded MSN Messenger to V6.1.

In the end I muted it using the Volume icon in my system tray (brings up all the volume controls).

This is probably linked in some way to the problem I am having getting Audio to work in MSN Messenger.

  Lord_Anubis 14:40 28 Nov 2003

Yeah looked in both, the only service (of those started) i can find in services.msc is windows audio which is pretty bog standard.

Any ideas as to what caused it? as i said i was using wordXP and either i leaned on a button or the microphone randomly came on.

  Diodorus Siculus 14:53 28 Nov 2003
  Lord_Anubis 15:02 28 Nov 2003

Nope, as i said this problem began before i had installed speech recog. I only installed it to see if that would enable me to shut the damnded microphone off :P.

Please help!

  Stuartli 17:34 28 Nov 2003

Pull the plug out....:-)

Usually muting it in the mixer is enough.

  Lord_Anubis 17:37 28 Nov 2003

Yeah, i've done the whole mute the mic thing, but thats just a way of ignoring the problem, i want a way to fix the problem.
The mic is internal, and its old default state used to be 'off'.

  Lord_Anubis 11:08 10 Feb 2004

Solved it, it appears my HD was failing and some windows files must have been corrupted to the point where strange things happened.

Thanks for the attempted assist anyways

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