Micro SD Corrupted Unreadable Unknown File System

  saim1611 22:18 24 Jul 2014

I was transferring data to my 8 GB Samsung Micro SD card that was in my cell phone during this. Suddenly due to power cut, my computer went off, when I reopened it, my phone said "Unsupported or Blank Card"" also my card became Unrecognizable to my pc. I tried using Micro SD Card adapter, Card Reader, Different Phones, Tablets, but none of them recognizing it now. I really cant afford to loose the data in it. I tried command prompt, repairing and recovery software, but since its not accessible to the computer, everything just got failed. Changed Drive Letter Path and all that tries. I was almost in a condition to give-up, but when i tried inserting it in one of a china made tablet, it worked for a while. But now again in that tablet too, it says damaged card. I seriously believe, there must be a chance to get the data back even if I loose my card, not a big deal.

Please HELP me out... Pleaseeee :( Few Screens

Screen 1

Screen 2

  rdave13 22:48 24 Jul 2014

It look like windows does recognize it. Try running something like Recuva, create a destination file on your desktop first.

£20 for the pro version, otherwise free.

Depends how valuable your info is. Try the free version first.

click here

  xania 10:58 25 Jul 2014

ANd, for the future, whichever media you use, one copy is never safe. You always need to backup your data otherwise, at best it will be expensive, and at worst disastrous.

Good luck!

  saim1611 20:10 26 Jul 2014

thanks for the responses, but these softwares aren't working as theres no option poping up to select that particular device... :(

the condition was same on the computer screen when once it got detected on that tablet, after that only i am hoping for sure that something can be done to this card... after all i just need my thousands of pics there, not at all bothered about the card... plzzz guys help me out...

  rdave13 20:33 26 Jul 2014

Ok, as long as you're aware that the possible risk is losing everything. Put the SD card in the adapter and connect to USB. Go to Disk Management and see if it shows up there, even as a Raw system. If so right click and format it. It should show the default format system, Fat 32 possibly. Do a quick format only . Once done try Recuva again. It should pick up photos easily.

Again be aware that this is a recovery program (recovers from formatted drives) and you do run the risk of not getting your photos back if the power cut damaged the circuitry on the micro SD card. You've nothing to lose by trying, so hope for the best and expect the worst.

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