SaintSinner 21:32 13 Jan 2018

Hi all, I received a new lossless MP3 player for Xmas. This one has no internal memory, but can accept up to 256GB micro SD card; this I duly bought, formatting as per Samsung instructions (the card is branded “ll traders” but manufactured by Samsung). All went fine, so far.

Problem came when I was downloading music to the card on my laptop (HP; Windows 10). The laptop decided to shut itself down mid-transfer without adequate warning, stating “Windows has run into a problem and needs to shut down” or words to that effect (the warning flashed up and then gone so quickly I’m not sure exactly what it said).

On rebooting, the micro SD showed (and still does) 73GB of 250GB used. But, on opening that drive’s folder it says it’s empty. Check the drive’s properties and it still says 73GB.

My problems are threefold:

a. Using Device Management the card shows up as 250GB free (not 256GB). There is no partition detected or displayed on the card. Yet surely there must be. If I continue to transfer music to the micro SD it looks like it is transferring ok, but open the folder and it shows empty. Therefore, if the music files are being transferred, they must be going into the sealed off 73GB section that I can neither see nor access. What do I do now?

b. Despite following every piece of advice I can find online on how to format corrupted micro SD cards (including The SD Media Association’s own formatting program designed for just this kind of problem apparently; the usual formatting methods; using command prompt as administrator; also, formatting disk on the MP3 player; etc), the card still shows as 73 of 250 used. Formatting never completes successfully even if I leave it running untouched or interrupted for 12 hours or so. Is it a lost cause? It’s expensive to replace it (£115 each approx.), but the seller stated the card did not have its original packaging and the corruption caused when the laptop crashed wasn’t covered by them anyway - user error, not manufacturer’s - so not their problem; they did give me a small partial refund eventually though. Can it be recovered by an Uber-User, rather than an everyday hack like me?

c. My MP3 player for Xmas is now an expensive paperweight, and I’m getting the exasperated “you broke it before even using it once and can’t fix it” look constantly from my darling other half, who now also thinks I’m obsessed because I won’t give up on it! Do hitmen cost a lot?

Heavy queries indeed of the brain twisting variety. Any help or suggestions, advice, etc... please!?!

  Ken Thesparky 21:56 13 Jan 2018

Why not buy a smaller and cheaper SD card either a 16 or 32 GB, put some music on it and try out your new Xmas present,that will get you in the wife's good books.This will give you time to try and sort out the 256 GB SD if it's at all possible.Good luck

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:30 13 Jan 2018

Never tried it on a SD card but works for USb sticks with same problem

Use Command prompt and diskpart to completely rid the card of any partitions then try to reformat

click here

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