Micro Billing System

  Ollyolly 08:49 29 Nov 2006

My clooeague has just come into the office and explained that an unwelcome icon appeared last night on his desktop PC at home.
When double clicking the Micro Billing System Icon it asks him for £19.99. He can post a cheque to a Leeds PO Box, give his credit card details etc.
Micro Billing System doesn't say what would happen if he pays or doesn't pay.
My colleague has a blueyonder broadband connection with the premium edition of PC Guard.
PC Guard is an internet security program which I think should stop this sort of thing ending up on his PC.
This morning he noticed that something has disable the firewall.
1) Does anyone know what Micro Billing System is?
2) Does anyone know how to remove it.

  GroupFC 09:06 29 Nov 2006

have a look at this thread click here

  GroupFC 09:08 29 Nov 2006

Sorry meant this one (one less click!) click here

  Ollyolly 09:51 29 Nov 2006


Thanks for your response.
I've followed your link and found the removal instructions written by fhiufhyrefyer.

It seems that others have used the instructions and been successful. I'll try them on my colleagues PC and let you know how I get on.

Very interesting reading the thread and everyone elses thoughts. Makes you wonder!

  Ollyolly 11:35 30 Nov 2006

Group FC

I explained the removal procedure to my colleague.

At that point paranoia struck him. He felt that I may be able to remove the necessary files but could I guarentee that there wasn't something else left on the hadr disc that could still report his data to anyone else. I couldn't guarentee that so muggins here is having to reformat his drive and reinstall Windows.

I think he will be owing me a few beers when this is done.

I still think something must have happened with his PC Guard for this to happen.

Thanks for you advice.

I'll mark this down as resolved.

  mickreed 00:12 27 Jan 2007

I now have this problem with MBS how did you get rid of this pest

  IamaCatlover 14:02 01 Feb 2007

I have tried almost everything to remove this 'window' that keeps popping up + disabling my PC including installing spyware. I have ignored this 'bill' because I was suspicous of its legitamacy from the day I received it,a month ago. What made me suspicious:I did NOT subscribe to such a website,my son also has the same happen when he logs on + he didn't sign up for such a subsription either,being under 15,his friend has had the same thing,we have had no emails confirming our membership;something never experienced before,£19.99 seems an extortionat amount for a month compared to all other websites I am a member, there is no phone number to contact this company + a PO box add only + it asks for my email add to request any queries over said bill which I think most strange. Need I go on? Yes; when I try to click on bill for website, message reads that cannot find as I'm not connected to internet even tho'I am!

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