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  Alan L 13:55 15 Apr 2007

Hello.Like so many,I have been a victim of MBS.I too received a bill for £19.99 for a service and their malware installed itself on my computer.I eventually got rid of their malware thanks to the kindness of people here.I've investigated Micro Bill Systems Ltd with Companies House.This appears to be one company with two branches whose registered office is in Bristol with a branch in Leeds. Although the offending bills come from Leeds,in which malware is loaded onto our computers for sexxxpassport costing £19.99,the origins of sexxxpassport come from the head office based in Bristol.This branch is littered with websites concerned with pornography amongst which is sexxxpassport.It seems to me that our ISP addresses are targeted and hijacked by MBS in Bristol,and the invoices sent by MBS in Leeds a few days later when our computers are e-hijacked to pay.As the apologist spokeman for MBS in Leeds is always in here defending his branch by saying they don't target our computers,can he,if he's here today,say whether or not his head office in Bristol does instead?Indeed,is the spokesman for MBS in Leeds the same chap that runs MBS Bristol?I have sent a feature to PC Advisor,with much more detail,and I expect they will be investigating for ALL of us who have,and who will be affected, by these scams.I hope this is of help.

  Forum Editor 14:03 15 Apr 2007

to anyone in particular at the magazine?

Do you have a link for MBS? If you do, email it to me, don't post it here.

  Killo Bite 14:10 15 Apr 2007

what they are doing is illegal and online fruad.

  Alan L 14:34 15 Apr 2007

I sent an extensive investigative email to your Features Editor Rosemary Haworth with all this information and much,much more that cannot be printed in a public place as it is to do with pornography.I took the liberty to discuss this with Rosemary ahead of sending it to let her know what the content would be. I will be emailing the Forum Editor directly with my links in a minute or two. I have already reported my complaints to Trading Standards where I live though.

  Alan L 14:54 15 Apr 2007

Hello again.I've just sent the complete email showing my investigation into the links between MBS in Bristol and MBS in Leeds.I'm not an investigator,journalist,law enforcement officer,just an angry consumer who resented having his computer hijacked and who decided to stand up for himself.Thank goodness I'm not too bad at research! I hope that the Forum Editor and PC Advisor staff will now properly investigate my theories and publish these results to help ALL of us dogged by malware and shady business practice.

  Spark6 15:03 15 Apr 2007

Let us all hope that your investigations lead to the closing down, and possible prosecution, of this lot.

  Alan L 15:12 15 Apr 2007

Hello Spark6.Thank you. I hope that these good people at PC Advisor will give my investigations a thorough check.I really do hope they reach the same conclusions that I have. I am just one of the 'little minnows' who won't simply accept what is told to me. With all my best wishes, Alan L.

  €dstowe 15:15 15 Apr 2007

You might want to point this thread out to Kate B who is a journalist on the Guardian (and very regular here).

  Alan L 16:16 15 Apr 2007

Hello Edstowe.I've just sent a very brief email direct to Kate B and hope she will contact me soon.I hope that any information I find and can pass on to help all of afflicted by MBS will be properly reinvestigated. Thank you very much for your suggestion.It is a great idea.

  MAJ 16:21 15 Apr 2007

Haven't had a problem with this trojan myself yet (hope I don't), but have your investigations revealed how this trojan is installed on peoples computers. Having read the threads to date, I know the reasons the apologists for MBS say, but do you know the truth of the matter?

Oh, and €dstowe........ it's good to see that Kate B is very regular....... ;)

  €dstowe 16:25 15 Apr 2007

The reason I suggested Kate B is that she mentioned in a post the other day that one of her colleagues was looking into MBS and, no disrespect to PCA, The Guardian is published more often and may be able to act more quickly in investigating this insidious company.

I've not been caught myself but one on my staff has and she is the most unlikely person ever to look at the sort of thing that MBS were trying to make her pay for.

I'd be interested to know what MBS do if you fail or refuse to pay their so-called "fee"?

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